speech7 Ms. Russ
Santa Fe Christian Schools Speech Teacher
Homework for the week of January 22-25:

Day 1: Be working on Devotional!
Complete "Science Fair Project Presentation Preparation" Worksheet passed out in class.  Answers do not need to be in complete sentences.  If you do not yet have the results to your experiment, please answer these questions with an educated guess.

Day 2: Be working on devotional!
Type outline for your "Science Fair Project Presentation".  Follow outline format passed out in class.  Please make sure your outline looks JUST like the format given to you.

Day 3: Be working on devotional!
Type out "Science Fair Project Presentation" speech in full.  Needs to be in complete sentences & have correct grammar & spelling.  Must be in paragraph form & typed in 12 point font.

Day 4: I enjoyed having you in speech!  Have a great weekend & see you next semester!!
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