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Mt. Ridge High School Honors Biology / Biology



Biology 1/07/02:  Forensic scince unit intro- Video, questions


1/08/02: Recieve packet #1, sketch crime scene, begin prints

1/09/02: Finish prints, hair, fiber analysis

1/10/02:  Recieve packet #2, blood typing, TLC, electrophoresis

1/11/02: Finish packet, take quiz, read & respond to articles.

1/14/02: Introduction to Unit I (Ecology). "What's Under Our Noses?" video to introduce the "unseen" ecosystems on our bodies.

1/15/02: Book introduction worksheet to review vocabulary needed for discussion. Color ABIOTIC and BIOTIC factors on the back and list them.

1/16/02: Ecology notes (succession, biotic potential, environmental resistance) Homework:  Write a paragraph suggesting how biotic potential factors and environmental resistance factors contribute to the idea of "balance" in nature.  Place this in your journal, it WILL be checked!!

1/17/02: Block schedule- class catch-up

1/18/02: Predator/Prey video with associated questions. I will have a substitute this day, but that doesn't mean YOU have a free day... Consider the ecological interactions of those creatures around the Luvuvu area in Africa.  Follow up questions using your ecology terms are on the back and due as homework.

No School

1/22/02: LAB:  Grey Fuzzy discovery, assembly

1/23/02: Skull Lab- Day 1.  Investigate 15 skulls around the room in an attempt to make inferences about those organisms based on observations inherent in the skulls.

1/24/02: Skull Lab- Day 2. Finish data collection, complete follow-up notes and questions.  Place this in your journal.

1/25/02: Block schedule- class catch-up

1/28/02: Population dynamics- Oh deer! graphing activity.  You should understand the difference between linear and exponential growth and understand key terms such as LIMITING FACTORS and CARRYING CAPACITY.  Finish and submit at the beginning of the next class period.

1/29/02: Cooperation instead of competition? This is an exploration into symbiotic relationships.  A "big" Reading and Reaction article on lichens must be read to complete a "fill in the blank" worksheet.
Lab:  Observe lichens under the microscope and answer a few questions.  Due at the end of the period.


1/31/02: Food webs/energy in ecosystem, notes (side 1)

2/01/02: Block schedule- class catch-up

2/04/02: Review notes (energy, resources, symbosis)

2/05/02: Review crossword, analyze energy flow in your biome

2/07/02: Ecology Test

2/08/02:  Block schedule- class catch-up
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