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This week's schedule:

Monday, August 16
Submit introductory statement, including reason for taking the course.
Read course overview.
Read and review basic concepts.


Assignment, due Monday, April 19:  Chapter 15, p. 230, problems 1, 2, 3a&b, 5, 7, 12, 14a&c, 15.  Extra credit problem 17.  

Quia! activities
Chapter 14 Quiz http://www.quia.com/t/101068.html Practice for ch. 14 test  
Quiz session: Go to http://www.quia.com/session.html and enter "phys2a".  

Useful links
Quia! science activities http://www.quia.com/sci.html
Physics 2000. Neat Java applets http://www.Colorado.EDU/physics/2000/
constants, conversions, and equations http://tcaep.co.uk/science/index.htm
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