Galion High School Spanish III, IV, V, and AP Instructor
An Open Letter to Students and Parents

Dear Students and Parents:

The pages on this web site are to assist you in studying your vocabulary and grammar lessons. Each page offers activities for vocabulary and links to useful sites for grammar practice.

I have several goals for my students:
  • To teach you enough Spanish to test out of at least two quarters of college level Spanish by the end of Spanish III
  • To challenge students who are truly interested in learning to use the language
  • To prepare students who are considering a major or minor in Spanish for their college experience
  • In order to accomplish these goals, you will note many differences in my teaching style from that of Mrs. West. Although we have different approaches, we have the same goals. When studying any language, the first two years are always the most interesting and fun. Everything is new. The method and techniques I use offer something for every student, no matter what his/her learning style may be. In studying how the brain works, I strive to make new vocabulary a part of students' long term memories.

    I have made a list of some frequently asked questions with responses and they are posted below. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at the address provided on the home page. I look forward to working with each of my students and wish you a successful 2004-05 school year. It will go quickly!


    Mrs. Horton

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What materials will I need for Spanish?

      • Three-ring binder with plenty of lined paper and five section dividers
      • Pencils and pens (black or blue ink only)
      • Highlighter(s) HINT:Yellow helps people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.
      • Spanish/English dictionary (softcover or electronic)

    2. What do I need to do to get an A on this project or assignment?
        My philosophy on this subject is that "A" and "B" stand for "Above" and "Beyond." I will make every effort to tell you what you need to do to get a B or a C on a project or assignment. For an A, you must WOW me.

    3. What happens if I'm absent?

        Attendance is definitely a critical part of my classes. Because we do so much in class both orally and aurally, it's difficult to make up. What CAN be made up are missed announced quizzes and homework, and missed tests. There is no way, however, to fully make up class participation or class work. If you miss a day or two in a nine-weeks period, this should not hurt your grade too much. If you must miss class for an extended period of time, please see me, so that an alternative assignment may be made. This still is no substitute for being in class, but at least it will count toward your participation grade.

    4. How can I help my child succeed?

      • Encourage your child to study using the exercises I've posted on this web page.

    5. Will my child be fluent by the end of the year?

      No. But s/he will be well on his/her way!

    6. Do you offer extra credit?

        Very little. Extra credit tends to inflate grades, which leads to student difficulties at the college level.

    7. Will you tell me my grade?

      • I will notify you and your parent(s)at the mid-nine-weeks if you have a C- or lower.
      • If you are a student athlete, your grade is figured every Thursday evening during the season, so you know your grade every Friday.
      • If you want to know what your grade is on a weekly basis, ask your parent or guardian to call Mrs. Tuscan in the Guidance Office. She will be happy to inform you of the Galion High School procedure for doing this.
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