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¡Qué día tan increíble ayer! Espero que hayan encontrado una actividad y la hayan disfrutado. Muchos tomaste el NSE y fue maravilloso verlos. ¡Algunos de ustedes conocieron a Maddy!  Es linda,¿no? No sé cuándo se enviarán los resultados del NSE. Cuando los tenga, les enviaré un correo electrónico. ¡Que tengas un buen día hoy!

Espero que hayan podido pasar tiempo afuera ayer porque fue un día de verano tan perfecto. ¡Hoy va a ser aún mejor! Espero que la Madre Naturaleza no cambie de opinión y envíe un clima loco. Yo espero que tengan un fin de semana maravilloso y encuentren algo de alegría en este primer fin de semana del verano.

*-*-* Trabajo de clase 5/22*-*-*
1. Go through everything and get caught up! I am planning to finish grades today and go through any work submitted after the due date.
2. Hand in videos, project notes and any back quia quizzes.
If you would like to study for the NSE, I will post NSE grammar practice on your homework page. Also, do quizlet NSE practice for vocab.
3. Check the homework page for times and zoom code. See the National Spanish exam survey for your username and password. I put it in the comments section.
No class on Monday!
4. How to final video is due on Wednesday, 5/28. I want to give you plenty of time. You must have one person record and another person be your audience. Email me if this is not possible.

a. the slide show is due on Monday, June 1st.
b. dates for the presentation TBA and I will be discussing the paper that goes along with it. We will work on that in June.

National Spanish exam on Tuesday. If you are not taking it then you must do the quia assignments that are posted. If you are taking it then that it your daily work. There is homework due next Friday on the quia hmwk page.

A. Please make the quizlet stack. See Friday's work for an explanation.
B. Practice video due Wednesday. Final video due next Monday but you can submit starting Thursday. Please practice before you present your final. You must have one person record and another person be your audience. (Again, if you only have one person in the house with you just email me ahead of time.)
C. The National Spanish exam is next Monday and Tuesday. I will send the schedule. I will offer a morning and afternoon session. I will email your usario (username) y contraseña.
D. If you would like a college recommnedation please let me know before the end of July. Don't forget the "recommendposal."
E. Your final exam will be a project like we have done all year. A 3 minute presentation on a topic of your choice. Make sure that I have approved it. There will be a short paper too but we will start that in JUNE.

1. Find and watch a video on your topic. Copy the link in the quia quiz. I suggest you take notes on it and create a document to save the link.
2. NSE grammar
3. quia hmwk due Friday.

1. Make a QUIZLET stack of cards with sentences and words that you will need for your how to. Practice saying the words and sentences. On Monday you will do a flipgrid pronouncing these sentences and words. The final video will be WED. I originally said Monday but I would rather give you more time to practice. I will post the assignment on classroom and you can do it early on Tuesday if you want.
2. NSE grammar

Remember, if you have any issues, any day, please message me. Many of you have messaged me because of AP exams (and other things) and have asked for extended time. Please just email and remind message so we can make a plan that helps you reduce stress! :-) 

viernes, el 12 de mayo
¡Buenos Días!
     ¿Cómo estás? No tengo mucho tiempo hoy para escribir. Voy a ir a la escuela hoy otra vez esta mañana. Hoy vamos a donar TODA LA COMIDA a la comunidad. Yo escribiré más mañana. Hasta luego!
Con Cariño,

Don't forget that the National Spanish Exam will be Monday, May 25th and 26th. I will give you the times choices next week.

1. NSE listening
3. Prepare your how to video. The practice video is due tomorrow. Please, do not record until tomorrow. I want you to run through it a few times. If you are cooking, you don't have to actually cook for the practice. Pretend.

4. Next week we will start our final project. It is the same as all of the other projects that we did this year. The only difference is that you will have to write an essay. You can choose your topic. I recommend that you look at the culture test and get some ideas. You may NOT do a topic that you have done already this week. (You may not choose Quinceañera or foods).
You can choose a topic from some of the videos you have seen the past few weeks. The topic idea is due on Wed.


    Please keep up with the daily work. I will post it on the homework page after each day if you missed any assignments. I didn't do that last week but I am figuring out the best way to organize. I am keeping track of completed work. I am just not posting it on IC. If you are struggling or have an concern, questions or issues please message me!!

     Don't forget to go outside, read, spend time with family, do a puzzle. Do something enjoyable and get off social media! Zoom with a group of friends, facetime family members!

Con Cariño <3

*-*-* TRABAJO DE CLASE PARA HOY (lunes, 3/30) *-*-*
1) quizzes below 1 - 4
2) video link on lecture on Francisco Franco.
     -- This is a 3 day video. You can do each section, one per day or the entire video at once. Under the title you can see where on the video you stop for each day. Be sure to click on "save for later" and not submit if you are doing a little bit each day.
3) Look at feedback from all the journals from last week. All journals and flip grids have comments.
    QUIZ 4 - Write to me some of your more common mistakes and the corrections.
    a. Look at the comments from last week's country practice video.
    b. Practice the vocab words from Friday. Do them on flip grid if you haven't already.
    c. Make changes. Don't be so robotic and do more explaining and teaching. Use more of your own words and transition sentences. Make pictures bigger and less and smaller writing.
    d. Practice, practice, practice. Tape your last practice and submit on classroom today.
4) QUIA homework due Friday night at 8pm
5) practice the culture test quiz posted on trabajo de clase and hmqz quia (recommended)

****************COUNTRY PROJECT.*************

You must tape the final project on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not before. You must have 2 people with you. One is using a phone to record and the other person is who you should direct your attention to. Make sure that I see you and the screen. I don't need to see the screen perfectly. If you have trouble uploading videos, ask the person to tape in 2 parts. You don't need to stop talking. It's okay if I miss 5 seconds of the project. Message with questions.
(Message on remind if there is only one other person in the house with you. Some of you have done that already.)

I expect everyone to do the below flip grid for last THURSDAY.
Everyone per 3,4,8 use - FLIP GRID CODE a063e1fb (FROM THURSDAY) Prompt on flip grid (código a063e1fb)

######  FLIP GRID practice of country vocabulary words.
FIRST go to the link before called pronunciation. The link is below under useful links, it is a quizlet list of words to practice pronunciation. Click on the microphone and practice how to say these words. When you are ready go to the flip grid and say each word (Only in Spanish) Read the words from your phone or print the list.
Per 8 - 3f0f967a
Per 4 - 65680f53
Per 3 - 6820f413

My Quia activities and quizzes
listening NSE audio doesnt match EDIT
Lectura nivel 4 (19) c nse
present subjunctive conjugation practice
=All tense COMPARTIR
NEW -- Subjunctive or Infinitive READ BELOW and **SUBJUNCTIVE CONJUGATION
Antonio Gaudí
Listening practice
imperfect subjunctive conjugation (and subj or ind)
using the subjunctive -- read below
5/12 NSE vocab 3R
tú affirmative commands and negative commands
subjunctive and haber (present perfect or present perf subjunctive)
Spanish Subjunctive Conjugation practice
Hernán Cortés
Verbos de repaso col 4,5,6
past participles with a pronoun
More Perfect Tenses (see vocab below)
Perfect Tenses con vbs side 1
Perfect Tenses (haber) irregulars too
practice for perfect tense quiz and review grammar b
adjectives and past participles
Latin America - 2002 edition
South America
present progressive / present perfect
^palabras útiles Eng-SP 20
Useful links
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