srapaulsen Señora Paulsen
Knickerbacker Middle School Spanish Teacher & French Teacher
My Quia activities and quizzes
French numbers
Spanish Numbers vocabulary games
French days of the week and months of the year.
Spanish Days of the week and months of the year.
French: Time - L'heure officielle - (copy)
French colors flashcards and games
Spanish Colors vocabulary flashcards, matching, concentration games.
Spanish Games to practice time-telling
French picture perfect: Les mois de l'année.
Los Meses del año
Spanish Multiple Choice Quiz on time-telling.
French Numbers 0 - 30 - (copy)
French weather, temperature, and seasons
Spanish Seasons and weather vocabulary
Allez Viens I chapitre 1-1 vocabulaire - (copy)
¿Cómo estás? Games
Despedidas (Goodbyes) Games
French vocabulary page 22
French vocabulary pages 23 and 24
Spanish Greetings vocabulary
Spanish Names and Introductions
Spanish Greetings Pop-ups Game
French vocabulary pages 26 and 27
French vocabulary page 31.
Spanish page 43, 44,& 45Vocabulary on likes and dislikes
French vocabulary page 47 and 50.
Spanish: Cosas para el colegio en la librería Page 65
French numbers: 40 to 1.000
Spanish Vocabulary page 75 "En mi cuarto hay..."
Adelante Chap. 2 Paso 2 - (copy)
French vocabulary for page 57
Spanish Numbers 40 to 1.000
Spanish Vocabulary page 86 and extras
French Verb Pattern Game (avoir, étudier, détester)
Allez, viens, chapter 2
Quebec: Location opener Chapter 4
Spanish: Vocabulary page 109 Las Materias
French Hangman Chapter 3, part 1
Vocabulary page 76 of Allez / Viens
French colors flashcards and games
French Adjectives
French jumbled colors
French Family vocabulary flashcards and games.
Spanish Adjectives: Flashcards, Matching, Concentration, Jumbled Words
Spanish Family vocabulary Part 1
Spanish Family Part 2 Vocabulary
Spanish Family Jumbled Words
Allez/viens vocabulary page 100
French AV1 Ch4 : Telling how much you like or dislike something + expressions of frequency - (copy)
Spanish Vocabulary page 149 and notes
Spanish Family Jumbled Words
AV1 4-1 Contractions with à and de
AV1 4-1 Review plus faire & negative contractions with de
Quebec: Location opener Chapter 4
Spanish: Hangman for location words
AR Verbs Pop-ups game
allez,viens chapter 4/grammar
Ar verb endings pop-ups game
Pop ups game with the verb IR
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