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Cactus Shadows High School World Language Dept. Lead, Spanish 3-4,7-8, IB & AP

Bienvenidos Estudiantes de Español 7/8 e IB

We are working on the themes of Beauty, Personal and Public Identity & Cultural Diversity. Essential questions are: How is beauty determined and defined? What role does culture have in this? How is fashion determined? Why is fashion important to the youth of today?

Additionally, we are reviewing the simple present tense with a focus on the irregulars and various expressions to extend vocabulary and accuracy control. Many students will need to retake the most reason quiz on this. However, we are reviewing another set of irregulars and the quiz below called S3Y Capt. 3 needs to be completed by Monday.

My Quia activities and quizzes
S3Y Capt. 1- Repaso Present Tense Irregular Verb Vocabulary - (copy)
S3Y Capt. 1- Repaso Present Tense Irregular Verb "Yo" Forms - (copy)
Sp 7-8 & AP S3Y Capt. 1
Álbum: Una carta a Dios - Vocabulary Games
Una Carta a Dios - vocabulario
S3Y Capt. 2
S3Y Capt. 2-Repaso Present Shoe Verbs & -UIR, -UAR Vocabulary - (copy)
S3Y Capt.3-Repaso Present Tense & Spelling Change Verbs - (copy)
S3Y Capt. 3
S3Y-Capt. 4 Repaso Preterite Tense Verb Vocabulary - (copy)
ALthough only 3/4, it hits all the irregulars. except psycho verbs
AP- Vocabulario de Educación
La Universidad - SP 7/8
AP- Características Personales- AP book
SP7/8- Test Gustar and verbs like it
Regular Preterite Rules Sp3-4
Definite and Indefinite articles
AP - El arbol de oro - Vocabulario
AP- Arbol de oro- Raught
Barron's "Professions" Vocabulary + Extra - (copy)
AP Professions & Oficios definitions
ÁLBUM-UN OSO Y UN AMOR por Sabine Ulibarri
Sp 7/8- "Casa" CUP Capt. 3 -
"Casa" Vocabulary Barron's p. 360-361 + Extra - (copy)
Spanish 7/8 Command QUiz
S3Y Capt. 2: session s3y capt. 2
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