The Village School 1st & 2nd Grade Spanish
Hope you all have FUN doing these activities!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
1stGrade-¿Cómo te llamas?/What is your name?
1stGrade-¿Qué es esto?/What is this?/ Classroom Objects
1stGrade-¿Quién es?/Who is that?
1stGrade-¿Qué número es?/What number is it?/ Counting 0-29
1st Grade-¿Qué hay en el salón de clase?/What is in the classroom?
1stGrade-¿De qué color es? /Colors & Shapes
1stGrade-Los Animales/The Animals
1stGrade-Días de la semana/Days of the week
1st Grade-¿Adónde vas?/Where are you going?
2ndGrade-Las estaciones/¿Qué tiempo hace?/The seasons & weather
2ndGrade-¿Adonde vas?/¿Qué vas a hacer?/Where are you going?/What are you going to do?/Locations and classes in the school...
2nd Grade¿Adónde vas?¿Qué vas hacer?/Where are you going? What Are you going to do?
2ndGrade-¿Cúal es la fecha?/What's the date?
2ndGrade-¿Qué te gusta hacer?/What do you like to do?
2nd grade-¿Qué Tienes?
2nd grade-¿Cúanto tiempo hay?/How much time is there?
2nd grade-La Familia/The Family
2nd grade-¿Cúal es tu clase favorita?/What is your favorite class?
Word Search.Ninos y Animales. Pag.1-14
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