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Bienvenidos a las Clases de Arte y Español

Frankfort Community High School - Hogar de los Redbirds

Famous Artist project with hot links for Art 1-3

Profiency Practice - Listening, Grammar Review and Activities
based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

Want to learn more Spanish on-line? Check out this site!


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Español 1-Hora 7
Español 1-Hora 9
Español 2
Español 3
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Avancemos 1
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Art 1-4
Verb Conjugator
CLEP Spanish Practice

What's Your Aztec Sign?

Radio Bantanga

National Spanish Exam

Watson and The Shark

Art Classes

The Meso American Ballgame

Spanish AP Language Exam Simulated Conversation

Spanish 4 Curriculum
Spanish 3 Curriculum
Spanish 2 Curriculum
Spanish 1 Curriculum