sreynolds Mrs. Reynolds
Northwest Heights Elementary 4th Grade Teacher

Leaf books are under construction. We will finish identifying leaves this week.

I have sent home detailed notes on how to put the Leaf book together. The books are due on or before October 8th.

Make sure you check out the web sites on tree leaves it's awesome.

We are starting a new unit in Science this week. We will be talking about fossils and how ecosystems work.

SPELLING Spelling tests will always be on Thursdays.

Our year long project is our Fish Tank. We learn about the water in the tank, the fish that go in it, and how the ecosystem works.  If you have any cans to donate please rinse them out and crush them before sending them to school.

Monday will always be our Library day. Remember to read every day at home for at least 15 minutes. I will take one AR test grade each nine weeks. Students may take as many tests as they can to earn AR points in each nine week period.

Don't forget to wear you Blue on True Blue Fridays:)

Thank you for looking at the Web site.

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