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Read each of the links below.  Please start off with the tour of a House with Character done by HomeTime TV.  Pay special attention to why they chose the different architectural techniques and the locations of the rooms. 

Define the terms listed below:
Mass-produced housing
Transom windows
Clerestory windows
foundation of house
Laminated veneer lumber [LVL]
floor joists
house wrap
Casement Windows
simulated divided lites
privacy window
vaulted ceiling
dry wall
Heat pumps
Dual-fuel system

Answer these questions on your own paper and have ready to turn in:
What is the driving force in the design of a house?

What prevents moisture from leaking out through the wood frame of a house?

Identify the variouse types of installation used in a house where it is used and why.

What side of the house do you want the most windows on and why?


After completing the activity above go to the next to last last link and determine your personal interior profile style.  Answer the questions as best you can.  They are set up for a personal home owner so you will have to pretend that you own your own home. 

When you get finished with this you may work on your bedroom plans. 

Hope you had a good day. 

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