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English 8 Students: We are now fully engaged in the study of The Hero in Epic, Myth, and Allegory. Besides reading each night, you will need to work on several projects: One group project is due on October 31. Because project work is completed outside of school, you may work with any three to four other Walsingham Eighth-Graders, whether or not you are in the same English class. I would suggest you work with students who live very near your house. Detailed instructions are found in this file: Group Project Three individually completed projects involve developing vocabulary, comparing heroic journeys, and identifying the continuing use of mythical characters in today's world. These activities are explained in these documents we reviewed and discussed in class: 1. Hero's Journey 2. Mythic Vocabulary 3. Myths Endure Today These projects will be completed in the second quarter, but I will schedule with you an interim progress review (it will be graded) in the week of October 24 so that your "work in progress" can be included in your first quarter grade. Remember, each individual project requires you to complete work related ONLY to stories we are currently reading. To be ready for the interim review, you need to have completed ONLY project work on stories we have already studied. I will not be able to conside work you have completed in advance. (Good for you! But it's not something I can schedule into my grading at this time.)
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