srtafeigespanish Srta. Feige
Milpitas High Spanish 1,2, & 3 teacher

This is the place to find games to practice your Spanish. We're using Paso a Paso 1 and Paso a Paso 2 this year, 1999-2000. Be sure to get the correct level when opening games, drills or quizzes since the Paso a Paso texts have a very similar organization.

Por favor, also check other areas on Quia to find appropriate practice material since many other teachers have created activities using either the Paso a Paso vocabulary or vocabulary and grammar you should know.

If you're still looking for more material to use in practice, head for the library. The computers there have Flash and Match activities for you. These will work even when the Internet or our server is down!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Paso a Paso 1: Capítulo 2A
Paso A Paso 1: Capítulo 2, Vocabulario 2B
Numeros 1-100
practice the Spanish words for #1-100
Paso A PAso 1: La Clase
classroom vocabulary from the first 3 chapters
Paso A Paso 2: Capitulo 7 A
Paso a Paso 2, Vocabulario 9A
Paso a Paso 2: Vocabulario 9B
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