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Drop the -ar ending and add the following endings to the infinitive stem.

Singular                          Plural
yo     -o                    nosotros (as)     -amos

tú     - as                  vosotros (as)     -áis

Ud.  -a                     Uds.                  -an
él     -a                     ellos                  -an
ella  -a                     ellas                  -an

Example:   Infinitive- hablar     Stem- habl

yo     hablo             nosotros (as)     hablamos

tú     hablas            vosotros (as)     habláis

Ud.  habla              Uds.                  hablan
él     habla              ellos                  hablan
ella  habla              ellos                  hablan

REMEMBER:  You need to use the subject pronouns or the subject noun with the conjugated verb for the time being to make the corelation of the verb ending with the subject (Juan habla,  tú hablas,  etc.).  Eventually we will not need Juan or tú; we will just say habla or hablas.  

When talking about yourself or yourself and others, you are using First Person.  When talking to someone directly, you are using Second Person.  When talking about someone, you are using Third Person.  Ud. and Uds. are considered Third Person because originally you did not talk directly to someone of higher social status, therefore the Third Person verb ending was used.
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