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Here you will find a collection of ESL exercises for every level and at the bottom of the page you'll find a list of interesting links. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you are looking for something specific.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Contractions (Present of "to be" affirmative and negative)
Housing - Furnishings - Handout p.17
Plural Nouns & Singular Nouns
Irregular Past Participles (M through W)
Opposites (adjective/prepositions/verbs and nouns)
Parts of the House
Verb Commands with Pictures #1-54 (R) Matching
Roman Numerals
Vocabulary- Adjectives English/Spanish
Vocabulary- Health English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Clothing English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Clothing English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Colors English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Family English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Food English/Spanish (4, 5, 6)
Vocabulary-Parts of the Body English/Spanish
Language and Culture 1
Language and Culture 2
Buildings (Hangman)
Irregular Past Participle (hangman)
Phrasal Verbs (hangman)
Irregualr Past Participles (Jumbled Words)
Phrasal Verbs (jumbled)
Present Continuous
Present Perfect (Jumbled)
Transportation - Definitions for Vocabulary p.19 (handout) R
Guess the Tense
Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns
Practical English p. 68, p.69 (present continuous)
Tense Review
Practical English Ch 8 Review
Phrasal Verbs
Review (Practical English Ch 8)
Basic Conversation
Irregular Past Tenses (A-E)
Irregular Past Tenses (F-L)
Basic Conversation
Definite and Indefinite Articles II
Definite and Indefinite Articles I
ESL Low Intermediate - review
Low Intermediate - 2 word verbs - Separable vs NonSeparable
Spanish/ English Vocabulary game
Practical English 2 Test Ch 8 Review
Very Basic Conversation Questions
Articles (a,an,the, X)
Calendar - Days/Months ( CASAS List 2.3.2) and Holidays (CASAS List 2.7.1)
Cardinal/Ordinal Number Identification and Contractions
Conversation (Jobs)
Calendar Questions (R)
Basic Conversation
Body Parts Survival English Page 90
Irregular Past Tenses M-S
Irregular Past Tenses T-W
Irregular Past Tenses (difficult)
Irregular Verbs (easy)
Tag Questions
Valentine's Day
Health p.10 - handout R (matching "What" questions)
Exploring Englishp.22 R(Pronouns to Contractions)
Christmas Vocabulary with Picturers (R) - matching
Clocks (CASAS List 2.1.3)
Must/want/have to
Past Progressive
Do - Does (Health Questions) & Body Parts (R)
Halloween Vocabulary Word Search
Present, Past and Present Perfect Tenses
Infinitive vs Gerund (easy verbs from Side by Side)
Practical English Ch 8 Review
Phrasal Verbs
Practical English 2 Review - Ch 8
Practical English 2 Test Ch 8 Review
Review (Practical English Ch 8)
Contraction (verb "to be" present-affirmative)
Professions (G PE-1)
Short Answers ?????(Germano PE-1)
Body Parts - Hangman with clues - (CASAS List 3.1.1)
Verb Commands Hangman - Pictures #1- #54 Handout
How much/How old?
Cleaning the House
Irregular Past Participles (A through L)
Irregular Past Participles (M through W)
Irregular Verbs (Easy II)
Irregular Verbs:Boxes 8-9-10-11
Irregular Verbs Box 12 (Matching)
Phrasal Verbs (R)
Transportation - Survival English p.121 How - Who - Do - Does - take(s) - ride(s) - drive(s) R
Exploring English p.51 & p.52 - Has/Have/Doesn't Have/Don't Have (Handout) )
Phrasal Verbs (R)
Exploring English p.146 - Chapter 3 Review Vocabulary R
Exploring English Variety of Verb Commands p.11p.25p.28 R (No handout)p.25 & 28
Mother's Day
Irregular Verbs (Easy II)
Months/Days of the Week/ Seasons
Opposites (G)
Calendar - Months/Days of the Week Abbreviations before / after (CASAS List 2.3.2)
Capital and Lower Case Letters
Characters/Exploring English
Numbers (G)
Object Pronouns (R)
Opposites (easy)
Personal Information (G)
Prepositions (in, on at)
Verbs Present Continuous - p.42 Vocab. w/ Pictures (R)
Present continuous - Handout p.43 Verbs with pictures (R)
Reg/Irreg Past Tense (Interrogative)
Scrambled Words
Shops and Stores
Health: Talking to the Doctor Pictures pg 10 (R)
Thanksgiving Vocabulary
There is/are (C) - picture page 35
Two Word Verbs
Verb "to be" - "to have" (R)
Country or Nationality
Present, Past, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous
Have or Has?
Like/don't like/likes/doesn't like (fill ins)
Present to Present Continuous (You look=You're looking)
There is /There are/ Have/Has
Grammar in Action p.11 - Jobs (R)
Possessive Adjectives
The Flag
Irregular Past (columns)
Personal Information
Plurals (easy)
Weather Questions Map p. 77
Weather Questions: Map p. 76 (R)
Weather Vocabulary - Pages 3 and 4
Weather vocabulary - pages 1 and 2
Verbs Present Continuous p. 42 handout #1- 25
Verbs Present Continuous - p.43 handout #26 - 51
Adjectives - Opposites (easy)
Object Pronouns
Accessories - Handout p. 3 Type the vocabulary to match the number on handout.
Verb Commands p. 11 (handout) Type the verb commands.
George and Jenny Story p.57 - fill in blanks - Adverbs of Frequency
Clothing & Accessories - Spelling mistakes
Clothing / p.2 Handout
Family handout - Affirmative and Negative Verb "to have"
Family relationship: Family Tree p.8 (names)
Foods - p.6 handout There's a ,There's an ,There are some, There's some, (pop-up)
Foods - There's some... / There's a... Exploring English p.69
Foods - Writing Practical English p.107 (Containers)
Foods: Fruits and Vegetables p.4 (Pop up answers)
Foods: Hand out p.12, 13 Containers ( Fill in the blanks.)
Foods: Sentences - (1-20) Find the misspelled word. Type it correctly.
Foods: Survival English p.147 Identify "There "sentences (type)
Foods: What's in the refrigerator?(handout p.31)
Health - Concussion Picture Questions - Type answers
Health - Sentences - Spelling the mistake correctly
Household Belongings: p.64 #1-20 R
Housing - p.34 Is there - Are there - How many are there Questions
Housing - The New Oxford Picture Dictionary -The Living Room p.28
Occupations & Professions p.23 (handout)
Past Tense Verbs Present Continuous - BREAK TIME p.63 (handout)Grammar in Action
Possessives: The Picnic p.13
Practical English p.142 Vocabulary List fill in blanks
Prepositions Review - Practical English p.113
School p.20 (handout)
Silent Letters: t - k - gh - b - t - l - h
The Train Station p.68 - "Wh" Questions
The Wedding - (Have to / Has to) p.71
Transportation: Who - Where - How Questions Survival English p.134 Paper
Verb "to have" What questions using do or does: pictures #1- #22
Verbs - p.89 Regular Past Tense - Fill in the blanks
Verbs - Past Tense - A Letter From NYC Questions p.37
Verbs - Past Tense - fill-in #1-20
Verbs - Regular Past Tense - Identify (t) (d) (ed)
Verbs Present Simple - Grace's Day - (Fill-in) handout p.66
Verbs Present Simple - p.89 & p.11 (fill-in the blanks)
Verbs Present Simple - The Apartment Building p.117 Grammar in Action
Verbs Present Simple - The Apartment Building p.117 Grammar in Action
Verbs Present Simple: Activities p.11 (handout)
Verb Commands p.11 (handout) - Match the letter.
Clothing & Accessories - Matching adjectives - p.61 Describing Clothing
Family: scrambled words
Foods: Look at p.5 and choose the correct answer. (pop-up)
Foods: Survival English p.142 (Hangman) Food Descriptions
Health - p. 10 pictures
Health: scrambled words
Health:p.3 Doctor and Hospital Vocabulary (handout)
House & Furnishings & Household Items - Hangman
House:p.10 Handout(Identify 's isn't are aren't)& vocabulary
Irregular Verbs - Boxes 4, 8, 9,10,11
Thanksgiving Pages 3,4
Thanksgiving Pages 3,4
The Train Station - p.68 Affirm Neg "To have" & Pres. Cont.
Transportation: Buildings p.21
Transportation: Buildings p.21 & p.122 Hangman with clues
Transportation: Map (handout) There's - There are - There isn't - There aren't with prepositions
Transportation: p.19 (Matching Numbers and Vocabulary)
Verbs - Everyday Activities p.8 Past Tense Pop-ups
Verbs - Present Simple Affirmative #1-20 Pictures
Verbs -p.89 Regular Past Tense - Identify verb to # on handout
Verbs Present Simple - Pract. Eng. p.138 Affirm. & Neg. Matching
Past Progressive
Will have to/had to
Present, Past, Future
Questions (present/past/to be/do/does/did)
Who, What, Where, When, Why
Comparatives (choose the correct form)
Question Who What When Where Why (type the complete question)
Future - going to
Have to....
Thanksgiving (10 easy questions)
Simple Past Tense
Windows 95 Matching Game
Can/Can't - Provide short answers (C)
Past Participle - 50 questions (reg/irreg.)
Reading Warning Labels
My family
Useful links
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