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Here you will find a collection of ESL exercises for every level and at the bottom of the page you'll find a list of interesting links. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you are looking for something specific.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Housing - Furnishings - Handout p.17
Plural Nouns & Singular Nouns
Irregular Past Participles (M through W)
Opposites (adjective/prepositions/verbs and nouns)
Parts of the House
Verb Commands with Pictures #1-54 (R) Matching
Roman Numerals
Vocabulary- Adjectives English/Spanish
Vocabulary- Health English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Clothing English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Clothing English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Colors English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Family English/Spanish
Vocabulary-Food English/Spanish (4, 5, 6)
Vocabulary-Parts of the Body English/Spanish
Language and Culture 1
Language and Culture 2
Buildings (Hangman)
Irregular Past Participle (hangman)
Phrasal Verbs (hangman)
Irregualr Past Participles (Jumbled Words)
Phrasal Verbs (jumbled)
Present Continuous
Present Perfect (Jumbled)
Transportation - Definitions for Vocabulary p.19 (handout) R
Guess the Tense
Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns
Practical English p. 68, p.69 (present continuous)
Tense Review
Practical English Ch 8 Review
Phrasal Verbs
Review (Practical English Ch 8)
Basic Conversation
Irregular Past Tenses (A-E)
Irregular Past Tenses (F-L)
Basic Conversation
Definite and Indefinite Articles II
Definite and Indefinite Articles I
ESL Low Intermediate - review
Low Intermediate - 2 word verbs - Separable vs NonSeparable
Spanish/ English Vocabulary game
Practical English 2 Test Ch 8 Review
Very Basic Conversation Questions
Articles (a,an,the, X)
Calendar - Days/Months ( CASAS List 2.3.2) and Holidays (CASAS List 2.7.1)
Cardinal/Ordinal Number Identification and Contractions
Conversation (Jobs)
Calendar Questions (R)
Basic Conversation
Body Parts Survival English Page 90
Irregular Past Tenses M-S
Irregular Past Tenses T-W
Irregular Past Tenses (difficult)
Irregular Verbs (easy)
Tag Questions
Valentine's Day
Health p.10 - handout R (matching "What" questions)
Exploring Englishp.22 R(Pronouns to Contractions)
Christmas Vocabulary with Picturers (R) - matching
Clocks (CASAS List 2.1.3)
Must/want/have to
Past Progressive
Do - Does (Health Questions) & Body Parts (R)
Halloween Vocabulary Word Search
Present, Past and Present Perfect Tenses
Infinitive vs Gerund (easy verbs from Side by Side)
Practical English Ch 8 Review
Phrasal Verbs
Practical English 2 Review - Ch 8
Practical English 2 Test Ch 8 Review
Review (Practical English Ch 8)
Contraction (verb "to be" present-affirmative)
Professions (G PE-1)
Short Answers ?????(Germano PE-1)
Body Parts - Hangman with clues - (CASAS List 3.1.1)
Verb Commands Hangman - Pictures #1- #54 Handout
How much/How old?
Cleaning the House
Irregular Past Participles (A through L)
Irregular Past Participles (M through W)
Irregular Verbs (Easy II)
Irregular Verbs:Boxes 8-9-10-11
Irregular Verbs Box 12 (Matching)
Phrasal Verbs (R)
Transportation - Survival English p.121 How - Who - Do - Does - take(s) - ride(s) - drive(s) R
Exploring English p.51 & p.52 - Has/Have/Doesn't Have/Don't Have (Handout) )
Phrasal Verbs (R)
Exploring English p.146 - Chapter 3 Review Vocabulary R
Exploring English Variety of Verb Commands p.11p.25p.28 R (No handout)p.25 & 28
Mother's Day
Irregular Verbs (Easy II)
Months/Days of the Week/ Seasons
Opposites (G)
Calendar - Months/Days of the Week Abbreviations before / after (CASAS List 2.3.2)
Capital and Lower Case Letters
Characters/Exploring English
Numbers (G)
Object Pronouns (R)
Opposites (easy)
Personal Information (G)
Prepositions (in, on at)
Verbs Present Continuous - p.42 Vocab. w/ Pictures (R)
Present continuous - Handout p.43 Verbs with pictures (R)
Reg/Irreg Past Tense (Interrogative)
Scrambled Words
Shops and Stores
Health: Talking to the Doctor Pictures pg 10 (R)
Thanksgiving Vocabulary
There is/are (C) - picture page 35
Two Word Verbs
Verb "to be" - "to have" (R)
Country or Nationality
Present, Past, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous
Have or Has?
Like/don't like/likes/doesn't like (fill ins)
Present to Present Continuous (You look=You're looking)
There is /There are/ Have/Has
Grammar in Action p.11 - Jobs (R)
Possessive Adjectives
The Flag
Irregular Past (columns)
Personal Information
Plurals (easy)
Weather Questions Map p. 77
Weather Questions: Map p. 76 (R)
Weather Vocabulary - Pages 3 and 4
Weather vocabulary - pages 1 and 2
Verbs Present Continuous p. 42 handout #1- 25
Verbs Present Continuous - p.43 handout #26 - 51
Adjectives - Opposites (easy)
Object Pronouns
Accessories - Handout p. 3 Type the vocabulary to match the number on handout.
Verb Commands p. 11 (handout) Type the verb commands.
George and Jenny Story p.57 - fill in blanks - Adverbs of Frequency
Clothing & Accessories - Spelling mistakes
Clothing / p.2 Handout
Family handout - Affirmative and Negative Verb "to have"
Family relationship: Family Tree p.8 (names)
Foods - p.6 handout There's a ,There's an ,There are some, There's some, (pop-up)
Foods - There's some... / There's a... Exploring English p.69
Foods - Writing Practical English p.107 (Containers)
Foods: Fruits and Vegetables p.4 (Pop up answers)
Foods: Hand out p.12, 13 Containers ( Fill in the blanks.)
Foods: Sentences - (1-20) Find the misspelled word. Type it correctly.
Foods: Survival English p.147 Identify "There "sentences (type)
Foods: What's in the refrigerator?(handout p.31)
Health - Concussion Picture Questions - Type answers
Health - Sentences - Spelling the mistake correctly
Household Belongings: p.64 #1-20 R
Housing - p.34 Is there - Are there - How many are there Questions
Housing - The New Oxford Picture Dictionary -The Living Room p.28
Occupations & Professions p.23 (handout)
Past Tense Verbs Present Continuous - BREAK TIME p.63 (handout)Grammar in Action
Possessives: The Picnic p.13
Practical English p.142 Vocabulary List fill in blanks
Prepositions Review - Practical English p.113
School p.20 (handout)
Silent Letters: t - k - gh - b - t - l - h
The Train Station p.68 - "Wh" Questions
The Wedding - (Have to / Has to) p.71
Transportation: Who - Where - How Questions Survival English p.134 Paper
Verb "to have" What questions using do or does: pictures #1- #22
Verbs - p.89 Regular Past Tense - Fill in the blanks
Verbs - Past Tense - A Letter From NYC Questions p.37
Verbs - Past Tense - fill-in #1-20
Verbs - Regular Past Tense - Identify (t) (d) (ed)
Verbs Present Simple - Grace's Day - (Fill-in) handout p.66
Verbs Present Simple - p.89 & p.11 (fill-in the blanks)
Verbs Present Simple - The Apartment Building p.117 Grammar in Action
Verbs Present Simple - The Apartment Building p.117 Grammar in Action
Verbs Present Simple: Activities p.11 (handout)
Verb Commands p.11 (handout) - Match the letter.
Clothing & Accessories - Matching adjectives - p.61 Describing Clothing
Family: scrambled words
Foods: Look at p.5 and choose the correct answer. (pop-up)
Foods: Survival English p.142 (Hangman) Food Descriptions
Health - p. 10 pictures
Health: scrambled words
Health:p.3 Doctor and Hospital Vocabulary (handout)
House & Furnishings & Household Items - Hangman
House:p.10 Handout(Identify 's isn't are aren't)& vocabulary
Irregular Verbs - Boxes 4, 8, 9,10,11
Thanksgiving Pages 3,4
Thanksgiving Pages 3,4
The Train Station - p.68 Affirm Neg "To have" & Pres. Cont.
Transportation: Buildings p.21
Transportation: Buildings p.21 & p.122 Hangman with clues
Transportation: Map (handout) There's - There are - There isn't - There aren't with prepositions
Transportation: p.19 (Matching Numbers and Vocabulary)
Verbs - Everyday Activities p.8 Past Tense Pop-ups
Verbs - Present Simple Affirmative #1-20 Pictures
Verbs -p.89 Regular Past Tense - Identify verb to # on handout
Verbs Present Simple - Pract. Eng. p.138 Affirm. & Neg. Matching
Past Progressive
Will have to/had to
Present, Past, Future
Questions (present/past/to be/do/does/did)
Who, What, Where, When, Why
Comparatives (choose the correct form)
Question Who What When Where Why (type the complete question)
Future - going to
Have to....
Thanksgiving (10 easy questions)
Simple Past Tense
Windows 95 Matching Game
Can/Can't - Provide short answers (C)
Past Participle - 50 questions (reg/irreg.)
Reading Warning Labels
My family
Useful links
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