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West Shore Jr/Sr HS Swim/Dive Coach
Dear Parents, Gaurdians,and Students,
Welcome to West Shore Junior/Senior High School, United States History and World Cultures! The purpose of this note is to present the information that is needed to achieve success in Ms. Nick's class.

In conjunction with the Sunshine State standards, our U.S. History class will journey through time beginning with an overview of the Native American Indians in the Old World up to and including the reconstruction era.

World Cultures, on the other hand, will begin with an overview of world geography leading to the beginnings of civilization.  We will then explore ancient civilizations, Africa, Europe, and Australia. If time permits, we will include some modern cultures that have helped to shape the extodinary and fascinating era in which we live,love,and share with the rest of the world today!

I use an interactive, Hands-on approach to teaching, and students will experience learning through an interdisciplinary and cooperative approach to education.

Parents, as you know, here at West Shore the PTA has put together a "wish list" for teachers in lieu of volunteer hours.  When visiting the school, you may want to check the list that is available in the front office. Contributions are greatly appreciated!

Feel free to contact me at any time, via e-mail,with questions, comments, and concerns. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Go wildcats!
Ms Nick :)
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