sstephenshistory Mrs. Stephens
Dowell Middle School 8th grade U.S. History

MARCH 19(B) & 20(A)
   Review of Texas history with Riddles.
   Pre-AP - Read Chapter 18 for next class period.  Define key terms - handout for HW.
   Academic - Heading West p. 451 - 457. Read and discuss in class. Complete Worksheet 64 for HW.

MARCH 21(B) & 22(A)
   Check HW
   PRE-AP  - Create diary entries for this period.  You should have four entries.  One each for a mountain man, a member of a family traveling the Oregon Trail, an Indian living along the Oregon Trail, and a Mormon traveling west.  Each entry should have a minimum of three historical facts.  HW - prepare a vertical timeline of the Mexican War beginning with the Election of 1844 and ending with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848.  You should have 11 items on your timeline.  Include month, year, and phrase explaining the event.  DO NOT WRITE IN SENTENCES.
   ACADEMIC - Manifest Destiny  - Timeline of the Mexican War.  Create a map of the areas added to the United States as a result of the Mexican War.

MARCH 23(B) & 26(A)
   Check HW for pre-AP
   California  Gold Rush
   PRE-AP  Group activity - each group will represent one of the groups of people in California in 1850.  Each group will create a list of at least five demands for the new state constitution.  These demands should be ranked in order of importance.  Each group will share their demands with the entire class. Class discussion of how prejudice affects demands.
    ACADEMIC- Create chart of positive and negative effects of California Gold Rush. Complete cause/effect charts.
    ALL CLASSES - at end of period review for Test on Chapter 17 and 18.

MARCH 27(B) & 28(A)
    TEST ON CHAPTERS 17 & 18

After test begin new unit- A NATION DIVIDED
    PowerPoint lesson with handouts - Growing Differences
    Bar graph on slave populations
    HW - Viewpoint worksheet



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