Coleytown Middle School Spanish 6-8 Teacher
I hope you come to this site often to play, practice, learn, study, have fun...and did I mention "learn"?  :-)
Please use the electronic flashcards often to help you learn the vocabulary. A lot of kids really like them and say they help a great deal. Okay...time to begin...have fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
6th Grade Telling Time Vocabulary
Practice telling time!
Dime-Unit 5, Lesson1 Vocabulary
Play and learn!
De Pobreza a Riqueza - Unit 5, Lesson 1
hangman with vocabulary from 6.1
De Pobreza a Riqueza - Unit 5, Lesson 1
Questions, questions, questions!
6th Grade - rooms of the house and the furniture within!
vocabulary games and flashcards
Body Parts Vocabulary
new vocabulary flashcards and games!
Central American and Caribbean Countries, Capitals, and Nationalities
Dime 5.3 En Un Café vocabulary
Learn your café vocabulary!
Dime Unit5.3 Additional Vocabulary!
Keep're just about ready to order!
6th grade Family Vocabulary
Word Search for el Día de los Enamorados
European Countries and their capitals
Geography: European Countries and Capitals
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