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Homework Assignments for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Tree Grows in Brooklyn Homework 12/4-12/12

Due Tuesday, 12/4
1.  Read Chapters 47-51
2.  HW#37 - How are immigrants treated in the novel?  Find three quotes to support your ideas.

Due Wednesday, 12/5
1.  Finish Book Four.
2.  HW#38 - How does reality clash with Francie's expectations?  Give three examples with page #'s.

Due Thursday, 12/6
1.  Finish the novel.
2.  HW #39 Write a reaction to the end of the novel.  What can we learn from the conclusion of the novel?

Due Friday, 12/7
1.  Complete project sheet
2.  Study for vocab quiz

Due Monday, 12/10
1.  Come ready to share your one-pager with the class.

Due Tuesday, 12/11
1.  HW (on a loose leaf sheet of paper)-  Write three thought-provoking essay questions you would want to be asked about the novel?  Remember they should not be "Yes" "No" questions or questions related to plot. 

Due Wednesday, 12/12
1.  HW# 40- Write three clear, concise thesis statements answering your partner's questions.

Due Thursday, 12/13
1.  Begin planning for your group project.  Come with information/work so that you can have a productive meeting with your group.

Due Friday, 12/14
1.  Write an outline for your paragraph on loose leaf paper.  Be sure to include:
1.  An intro sentence
2.  A thesis
3.  Three examples with page #'s

Old Homework Assignments

Due Monday, 11/26
Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!
1.  Read Chapters 21-32.
2.  HW#31- Write about one lesson Francie learns. Make sure you describe the situation and discuss Francie's thougths and ideas before and after she LEARNS the lesson. Make sure you include quotes to support your ideas.
3.  Make sure you do the reading.  Most likely there will be a short quiz on the day you return!

Extra Credit Assignment- Due Monday, 11/26

Read the following poems (you need to get them from me during class).  Choose one and connect it to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with a controlling idea.  Once you have established a controlling idea, you must use examples and quotes from both texts to support it.  Your paragraph should be at least ten sentences.  10 points is the maximum you can receive on this assignment. 

It must be typed and double-spaced.

Due Tuesday, 11/27
1.Read Chapter 33-34
2.HW# 32- How does growing up change Francie's world view (use incidents/ quotes from chapters you read over the long weekend)?
Also, briefly explain the incident that occurs in Chapter 33. How does Francie survive? How do others react to the incident?

Due Wednesday, 11/28
1.Read Chapter 35-37
2.HW# 33-  What changes do you see in Johnny in Chapter 35?
-To what extent does Betty Smith seem to condemn Johnny for his actions? To what extent does she honor him?  How can you tell?
-In Chapter 36, how does Katie seem to feel about what happened to Johnny?

Due Thursday, 11/29  
1.Read Chapter 38-39
2.HW# 34-  Carefully read the fictional dialogue that takes place between Francie and Mrs. Garnder. Choose a line (or a couple of lines) and write them down.  Then, comment on the tone.  What do theselines reveal about Francie- her attitude towards life, her character or her feelings towards Mrs. Garnder.
- Why does Francie decide to burn her compositions? What does this reveal about Francie? 

Due Friday, 11/30  
1.Read Angela's Ashes
2.HW# 35-  Answer the 5 questions found at the end of the sheet.
3. Get a head start on your reading!

Due Monday, 12/03  
1.Read Chpaters 40-46
2.HW# 36- Choose one quote from these chaprters that you feel is important to the book as a whole.  Write the quote and explain its importance in a well-developed paragraph.

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