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    Welcome parents and students!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed some family time over spring break.   School is back in full swing and we are busy preparing for our Standards of Learning tests. It is hard to believe that we only have 2+ months left of school!    
    Students, please answer the following questions and   e-mail your answers back to me.  I will check them, we will discuss your answer, and you will receive a reward for your efforts! (Watch out! You may have seen or will see these questions on SOL Tic-Tac-Toe!)

1.  What are the three inalienable rights?

2.  What crop was the most important in Jamestown?  Why?

3.  What is an obelisk?  Where can we see one today?

4.  What are the three layers of soil?  What do we find in topsoil?

5.  Write the following number in expanded form.

I am so proud of the way that all of you have spent time preparing for the SOL's!  There will be no spelling lists or tests during SOL's.  

Keep up the hard work everyone!  I am very proud of you!

                               Miss Sweeney
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