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I hope everyone has been doing well.  The kids in my class are doing exceptional classwork, now that they have a clear idea of how I challenge them daily within my class.  This month we had our second physical fitness no surprise the student that won 1st place in March won the competition again: 

                      Ricardo V. 

I had two other students do exceptionally well in two different events: 

                Raymond N.  : 1st Place Sit-Ups

                Bobby J.  :  1st Place 1 Mile Run

Latest addition:  Well today is the day that we are going on our Natural Bridge Caverns trip.  I did hand out other permission slips for some of my former students because I do believe that loyalty goes a long way.  We should have a great time.  I expect that 95% of the class has not had the opportunity to view underground caverns. 

As the semester ends I do have students that will be leaving my class in May:

Juan R.   ,     Ricardo V. ,  and  Reyes G. 

They will be missed.  They provided many challenges within the class,but they essentially responded very well when directly challenged to increase their performance.

Comments from some of the students:

"I think that school should have a day where the kids teach and the teachers have to listen...see how you all like that idea"  Geraldo R.

"I think that I will join the army, this Army stuff, your workouts are not that hard."  Rey A.

"Come on Sir, I'm hungry....where is breakfast?" Reyes G.

"What we have to work out again...I 'm not going to be here on time."  Fabian R.

"Don't bother me I am new here."  Jermaine T.

and the best for last:   "Hey sir, when is the next restroom break, is'nt it time yet ?"  Gerald R.

Final Comments:

As the school year closes, being a first year teacher incorporating a great deal of my military experience I have found that kids are kids in all can find good qualities in everyone.  It is just a matter of looking for it and keeping people performing at high standards. 

I have observed and learned very much from my mentor teachers like Rebecca, and Dana.  Without the support of the administration, and other teachers such as JayCee, Yvonne, Shannon,  I could not have been as successful as I needed to be to change certain aspects of the children's behavior.  The staff at the school have supported my ideas and I greatly appreciate it. 

Many students have asked why I do this ? I tell them this answer:

" Most of the time, you have to have a direction in your life, someone that you will remember who made a difference in your life, and I want to be that someone. That is why I am here." 

I'll update the page later...have a great day.
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