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Week of January 14th - January 18th!

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Science Homework Assignments:
Monday - Finish reading Archimede's Crowning Moment and answer the two questions on loose-leaf paper (take your time).
Tuesday - None.
Wednesday - Finish the "Heat Ice Water" investigation - don't forget to finish the line graph.
Thursday - Finish the "States of Matter" computer simulator investigation - if you did not finish during class time. Begin studying for the Matter #2 Quiz - the quiz is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, 2019. Use the study guide posted below to assist with your studying.
Friday - Continue studying for the Matter #2 Quiz - the quiz is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, 2019. Use the study guide posted below to assist with your studying.

In Science class this week:
After a three-day week to start 2019, we follow it up with a three and a half day week (one ice day and one two-hour delay). Wow! Because of these circumstances, we are a little behind in the Matter unit. This week, we will attempt to catch up a little and get back on track. We finished last week with density columns (they look amazing), and this week, we will pick up where we left off with density and begin connecting it to temperature.

On Monday, we will read two articles from the textbook ("Panda Poop", and "Archimedes's Crowning Moment"). The students may need to finish "Archimedes's Crowning Moment" at home. They will answer two questions, both are very difficult, that follow along with the article. It is important that they think about everything that we did in class when answering the two questions. We will also be writing down some important vocabulary definitions so that we can move ahead in the unit (moving towards the phases of matter).

On Tuesday, we will continue to define vocabulary words (10 words to define this week, so we will split them up into two class periods), and then, we will engage in a computer simulation of density and buoyancy. The students will get a chance to work with a really cool website simulation. At the end of the simulation, they will play a game to discover the different densities and buoyancy (determined by density) of different objects. They will need to guess the objects based on the density and buoyancy.

On Wednesday, we are back to the lab to heat up ice water. The "Heat Ice Water" investigation will have us documenting how quickly heat melts ice and the impact that it has on the density of water. The students will track the information in a table/chart, and then, they will utilize a graph to make a line graph of the information. The students will then get a chance to work with small blocks and witness the movement of particles from a solid to a liquid to a gas. This will be the concept that we will continue to explore the rest of the week (and into next week).

On Thursday, the students will not need their lab coats and goggles because they will be doing another computer simulation (I know, two computer simulations in once week:). This investigation will have us doing specific steps and reflecting about each step as we find out about the different states of matter. While the students are working through the simulation, they will write about the information and connect it back to the "Heat Ice Water" investigation that was completed on Wednesday. The students will also complete another table/chart while working with the simulation.

On Friday, the students will start with a Bell Ringer activity that will assess how well they have been learning the states of matter. The students will complete a diagram that displays the different states of matter. The students will need to fill in the vocabulary words into the proper/correct locations of the diagram. After the Bell Ringer activity is complete, the students will work with their seat neighbor to complete an "Extending Your Knowledge" activity. They will read three articles, pick an article to summarize, and summarize that article after finding the main idea and supporting details of the article. The students will be given time on Tuesday to finish this activity because the homework over the weekend will be to begin their preparations for the next Matter quiz (Matter Quiz #2), which will be on Wednesday, January 24, 2019.

Mr. Starowicz is free during study hall every second and ninth periods. You will need to get a pre-signed pass to visit his classroom for help, but he will write the pass during class time. Mr. Starowicz is also free for the first twenty minutes of eighth period study hall most days (he will have a meeting on Thursday during the whole period). When coming for extra help, be sure to bring your science work and binder. This week, it would be a good idea to come and ask any questions that you have about the lab (Heat Ice Water) and computer simulations. It is also a great time to ask questions about the upcoming quiz (next Thursday). It promises to be a busy week, so it is important to keep up with the content being learned in class.

Matter Quiz #2: Thursday, January 24, 2019. Study the vocabulary (density, immiscible, miscible, solid, liquid, gas, phases of matter, states of matter, evaporate, boiling, condense, thermal energy, and kinetic energy), Measuring the Mass, Volume, and Densities of Liquids - sheet 8, Comparing the Densities of Different Substances - sheet 10, Building a Density Column - sheet 12, Archimede's Crowning Moment, and Heat Ice Water - sheets 13 and 14.


Make sure to keep up on current events!:
Throughout the year we will be discussing current events that are going on around the world. It is important for you to be an active participant in finding current event articles in the newspaper, on television (local or world news), or in magazines. Another good source for up-to-date news stories is the "Junior Scholastic" web site.

Make sure to practice your social studies vocabulary words by playing the word matching games on this web site!

Sixth Grade Student Council: The next student council meeting is Thursday (12/20) during lunch.

Language Arts (Periods 6 and 7) Homework Assignments:
Monday - Read chapter 21, 22, and 23 in Tuck Everlasting. Study for the Tuck Everlasting vocabulary quiz #2. Keep working on extra credit - due Tuesday.
Tuesday - Finish reading Tuck Everlasting. Keep working on extra credit - due Tuesday.
Wednesday - Keep working on the Tuck Everlasting Town Meeting debate - scheduled for Tuesday. Keep working on extra credit - due Tuesday.
Thursday - Keep working on the Tuck Everlasting Town Meeting debate - scheduled for Tuesday. Keep working on extra credit - due Tuesday.
Friday - Finish working on the Tuck Everlasting Town Meeting debate - scheduled for Tuesday. Finish working on extra credit - due Tuesday.

In Language Arts class this week:
After a shortened week last week, this week promises to be very busy. This is a list of exactly everything that will get accomplished this week: listening to the read aloud entitled Flipped, finish reading Tuck Everlasting, identify theme through story plot, reading of "The Phoenix Farm" (short story) while identifying theme and characters, reading of Midas and Demeter and his Daughter Persephone (mythology), and we will start the poetry mini-unit (with more figurative language). I know - WOW! This is going to be an extremely busy week. On top of it all, the students can still be getting extra credit by working on the extra credit Google Slideshow (or PowerPoint slideshow).

We will finish reading Tuck Everlasting on Wednesday. While learning about how to identify theme, we will use Tuck Everlasting as a way to assess what we have learned about theme by doing a theme activity after the reading. We will also introduce persuasive writing (and being persuasive) by engaging in a Treegap Town Meeting debate on whether to drink the water or not. The students have been enjoying the novel, and the end promises to keep their attention (some are already almost done reading the novel).

The mythology unit will have us answering some questions about "Daedalus and Icarus", which we read at the end of last week. We will be reading "Midas" on Wednesday, and on Friday, we will be reading "Demeter and his Daughter Persephone". While we read these three myths, we will focus on the purpose of these myths (written as creation stories or a lesson to learn - or both). We will also continue to discuss and practice identifying the step of the Hero's Journey.

The short story of the week is entitled "The Phoenix Farm" and it is a mythical story that fits perfect with the mythology unit. To prepare for the short story, we will practice identifying theme. Before reading, we will practice identifying theme on stories that we have already read (earlier in the school year). After the reading of "The Phoenix Farm", we will read an article about the symbolic importance of the Phoenix in stories throughout history (mythology included).

We will finish the week by starting the poetry mini-unit. This is one of the best units of the school year. Typically, students do not like reading and writing poetry, but this mini-unit will challenge their dislike of poetry. We will read many high interest poems (proven in past years), and we will also be writing poetry. I am hopeful that the students will share the poetry mini-unit at home. There will a section in their ELA binder for poetry, and I will encourage them to bring it home and show someone (probably at the end of next week will be the first time that I encourage them to bring it home, so be on the lookout for it).

PLEASE don't forget that Mr. Starowicz is available during study halls. He is available second period, fifteen minutes of eighth period, and ninth period. This is the perfect time to come and see him for extra help with the reading of Tuck Everlasting, questions about mythology (and the myths we are reading), extra practice with reading skills (theme) and different figurative language concepts, or questions about poetry (especially at the end of the week). If you don't have a study hall, see Mr. Starowicz about coming for extra help before the school day begins or during lunch time.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Click the link below and print at home. The extra-credit assignment is due on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Bangladesh Extra-Credit

Classroom Novel: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt


Book of the Month: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Scholastic/Arrow and Tab Book Order Money Due Date: SENT.

Enjoy the week (hopefully, a whole week)! Have a wonderful winter weekend!
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