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Week of October 15th - October 18th!

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”
– Malala Yousafzai

Science Homework Assignments:
Monday - None - no school (Columbus Day).
Tuesday - None.
Wednesday - None.
Thursday - Complete the "Identifying the Phases of the Moon II" sheet - the front and the back.
Friday - None. Enjoy the weekend!

In Science class this week:
We start a week of lunar phases with a full moon. On Saturday and Sunday, the October full moon made its appearance in the night sky. The students were encouraged to look at the Hunter's Moon and share its meaning with a parent or guardian. The Hunter's Moon represented that the deer were plump and ready to hunt for the our hunting and gathering ancestors that walked these drumlins many centuries ago. This week, we will learn about the full moon and all of the other phases that lead to the full moon. The students will continue to be encouraged to look to the night sky for the October phases of the moon.

On Tuesday, the students will continue to work on identifying the main idea of a reading of investigation activity. If the students are able to understand the purpose and main idea of each activity and article read in science class, they will have a very successful school year in sixth grade science. We will be practicing by finding the main idea in two difference articles from the science book. The students will work in pairs to read the article and identify the main idea. The pairs will then share the main idea with other pairs. By doing this, the students will become familiar with both of the articles that discuss the importance of the Sun, the tilt of the Earth, and the revolution that the Earth makes around the Sun.

The rest of the week will have us investigating the lunar phases. We will take the Sun-Earth-Moon boards back out, and we will experiment with the shadows/reflections of the Sun on the Moon from the viewpoint on Earth. The students will work in small groups to move the Moon (small styrofoam sphere) around the Earth while a flashlight (the Sun) shines on the Moon. The students will collect data while they investigate, and they will use this data information to answer some questions about the lunar phases.

The students will also be drawing shadows on the moon on a sheet that Mr. Starowicz will provide the students. After the shadows are shaded, the students will take a close look at each of the lunar phases. The homework assignment, which we will start in class on Thursday, will have the students using this information to identify the different phases of the Moon and what the Moon looks like in each phase. On Friday, we will begin our discussion on Moon's influence on the Earth's ocean tides. We will analyze the tidal data to see if we see patterns that mimic the lunar phases.

If the students have any questions about information learned in class this week or the graded quiz that they will get back on Tuesday, they may see Mr. Starowicz during 2nd period (Tuesday-Thursday), 8th period (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday), or 9th period on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. Please make sure that you make every effort to keep up with the classwork and Thursday night's homework assignment, which follows along with the content being covered in class on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. It is going to be another busy four-day week.

Sun-Earth-Moon Quiz - In the books. Check your grade on SchoolTool. The graded quizzes will be handed back on Tuesday.

SCIENCE EXTRA CREDIT: Next opportunity is coming soon.

Make sure to keep up on current events!:
Throughout the year we will be discussing current events that are going on around the world. It is important for you to be an active participant in finding current event articles in the newspaper, on television (local or world news), or in magazines. Another good source for up-to-date news stories is the Science World web site.

Make sure to practice your social studies vocabulary words by playing the word matching games on this web site!

Sixth Grade Student Council: We will meet on Thursday during lunch to discuss the constitution. We will also discuss upcoming activities and events.

Language Arts (Periods 6 and 7) Homework Assignments:
Monday - None. No school (Columbus Day).
Tuesday - Read for 20 minutes. Show your Dream Job cover letter to a parent or guardian at home.
Wednesday - Read for 20 minutes. Complete the sequencing activity for "Follow the Water". Turn in Dream Job cover letter in the Google Classroom.
Thursday - Finish reading the assigned chapter in Under the Same Sky - this counts for your 20 minutes of reading.
Friday - Finish reading the assigned chapter in Under the Same Sky - this counts for your 20 minutes of reading. Have a good weekend!

In Language Arts class this week:
We will be squeezing so much into this third consecutive four-day week. The first order of business will be the completion of the Dream Job cover letter. We will continue to listen to The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.. We will be finishing the short story entitled "Follow the Water" with a sequencing activity to help us identify the flow of a story. We will be starting our next classroom novel called Under the Same Sky, and we will continue to identify the four different kinds of sentence and then vs. than.

We will begin the week by putting the finishing touches on our Dream Job narrative cover letter. We will be in the library for the second half of class on Tuesday to do some speed revising. Be sure to ask your child about speed revising (it's the first time in my many years of teaching where I have witnessed kids having fun with revisions:). After the final revising and editing is complete, the students will "turn in" their final drafts in the Google Classroom. Mr. Starowicz will leave the assignment open until late Wednesday night so that all of the students have a chance to do thorough revisions to their final draft.

On Tuesday, we will begin our second classroom novel. Windcatcher was a hit, and Mr. Starowicz is confident that Under the Same Sky will also be a hit. Be sure to check out a summary of the novel below. We will be reading the novel in and out of class for the next three weeks. We will be talking about each and every chapter and even doing some writing prompts/questions that follow along with the story. It is very important that the students finish the assigned chapter reading each night (it will be about twenty minutes worth of reading and can be counted as the twenty minutes a night).

Throughout the week, we will read our second short story of the year, which we started at the end of last week. The short story is entitled "Follow the Water", and we will work on identifying different elements of story plot (primarily exposition - characters and setting), sequencing, using context clues, and point of view. After reading and enjoying the short story, the students will engage in a comprehension activity that follows along with the story. They will take the reading comprehension quiz in class at the end of the week. With Halloween just around the corner, the students will be reading a two scary short stories next week.

Of course, we will continue to work on grammar throughout the week. Over the last few weeks, we have been identifying different types of sentences and we will continue to this week. We will also be identifying the difference between using then or than. We will individually practice identifying the different words with an activity sheet at the end of the week.

The ELA binders will be going back and forth from the library to the classroom, and they may even come home for one night. It is important to keep the binder organized and make sure that it makes it back to the ELA classroom bin after each library visit and/or night. If a student has any questions about the grammar (different kinds of sentences), "then and than", the Dream Job writing piece, or the organization of their binder, they can see Mr. Starowicz during 2nd, 8th, or 9th period study halls.


Classroom Novel: We will begin reading Under the Same Sky by Cynthia DeFelice on Tuesday. This is a beautiful story that takes place on a farm in Upstate New York. The main character, Joe, so badly wants a motorbike for his birthday, but the cost is over $800. Joe's family owns a farm, and his mom and dad aren't keen on spending over $800 on a birthday gift, so Joe's dad offers him a job on the farm to earn the money. Joe will work with the migrant workers and earn the same pay as they do for their labor. What Joe realizes is that he knew very little about farm life and migrant life before taking the summer job? What he also discovers is that his friends have a very strong opinion about migrant workers and their place in the United States? This summer of working on the farm is certainly going to change Joe's life.


Book of the Month: One-Handed Catch by Mary Jane Auch (In honor of the playoff baseball in October)

Scholastic/Arrow and Tab Book Order Money Due Date: Sent. Next book order date (for November) will be posted soon.

Have a wonderful four-day week! Enjoy the fall weekend!
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