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In the next couple of weeks, your students will be participating in the following activity.  Take a look and email any questions or comments you may have.  

The United States of America
      By:  Katie Ferch
   The lesson is for students studying the various states in the U.S.  In order to make learning the states much more enjoyable for the students, this activity will allow them to explore the internet and use various software on the computer.  This activity enables students to learn more about a particular states and share their information with their classmates.  For many, it develops a desire to visit these places, as well as learning more about them.

Subject/Topic: "Promote a State" - Social Studies,  Language Arts, Art, Computer Technology

Grade Level:   6-7

Time Needed: 5-6  45 minute sessions

Objectives: At the conclusion of this activity the student will:
                           - describe his/her state
                           - research the internet
                           - create an original travel brochure
                           - work cooperatively as a group

Materials: Internet, computer publishing software, printer, United States map, poster board (1 for each group), markers/crayons/colored
pencils, question worksheet

Management Considerations:  In order for the students to clearly understand the purpose of this activity, and to know exactly what is
expected of them, the teacher will research a state and create a travel brochure.

    1.  Begin a discussion using a map of the United States, asking the students to choose a state that is of interest to them.
   2.  Ask students to get into groups of 2-3.  Each group is to choose a state that they would like to know more about.  They must check
with the teacher, so as not to duplicate states.
   3.  Lead another discussion, having students brainstorm ways of researching information about their state.  List these on the board (or
some other form of poster) for later reference.
   4.  Have groups  begin to research.  They may use the following:
          LINKS:      Yahooligans!
Net Search
                         Stately Knowledge
                         50 States and Capitals
                         Excite Travel: Destinations: United States
           SOFTWARE:  Encarta 98
           TEXTS:     library resources (encyclopedia)
   5.  Students will answer the following questions worksheet.
   6.  Using the information found in step 5, the students create a travel brochure, encouraging people to visit their state.
   7.  After the students have drawn a rough draft of their brochure, they need to check it with the teacher.  Then the students can create
their brochure by using a publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher.  Students are also responsible for creating a poster that includes
a picture of their state, and geographical information, where appropriate (such as lakes, rivers, mountains, etc.).
   8.  Once the brochures are complete, each group will present their state to their classmates.  (If some students complete their project
sooner than others they can begin creating original ways to present their state.)

       Students will primarily be graded on accuracey and oral presentation.  Neatness, creativity, and originality are also important.  Have
students write a response to their group experience (typed).  Teacher will observe the cooperative work and steady productivity of state
information found by the groups.  Lastly, state posters and travel brochures will be displayed in the hallway for viewing.
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