stcath3rdgrade Mrs. Smith
St. Catherine School 3rd grade teacher
Mrs. Smith's Third Grade Class Web Page

   Welcome Back To School!

        2000 to 2001

    Hope your summer vacation was fun,
safe, healthy and blessed!  Now get
ready for an exciting year in our 3rd
Grade Class at St. Catherine's School.

    In Math, you'll enhance your addition
and subtraction with regrouping skills,
word problem solving, fractions, and
geometric shapes.  And,you'll learn to multiply and divide!
    Social Studies will take you from the
Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  You'll
learn about our land and the people who
made our land what it is today.

    You'll become scientists and do
experiments to help you learn about the
earth, rocks and minerals, clouds and the

    Religion will help you become more
familiar with some of the Saints, the Old
Testament and the New Testament.

    Language Arts will teach you more about
grammar that you'll need when reading
chapter books, writing book reports, writing
stories and giving oral reports.

    These subjects are taught with alot of
energy and excitement!  Hope you have as
much fun learning, as I have teaching!
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