stcathlab Mrs. Curran
St. Catherine School Technology Coordinator

                       MARCH 2000
Kindergarden will be making puppets after they have listened to the "Grandma and Me" CD.  The class will then put on their own puppet play. All groups will also review their letters and numbers.  We will start working on parts to whole and categories.

First Grade
First Grade will be very busy as they work on math combinations.  Each group will do some word problems that cover both addition and subtraction.  Also, the class will make sentences with contractions and compound words.

Second Grade
Writing poetry will be the first task for Second Grade.  They will also illustrate their poems.  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day the class will write a "Pot O' Gold" story.  The class will also be practicing addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Third Grade
Working on multiplication will be covered in the first week of March.  Later, the class will create a Leprechaun story with illustrations.  Each group will also use the internet to look at clouds and write about the clouds they see.  Finally, the Third Grade will make a chart of the different types of clouds and their characteristics.

Fourth Grade
"A Day in the Gold Fields" will be the topic that Fourth Grade will write about and illustrate.  The class will also do a Lenten activity in Computer Lab.  Time and money will be some of the math activities the class will cover.

Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade will spend all of March creating a slide show about their recent trip to Science Camp.  The slide show will feature sound and graphics.  When the class is finished with the assignment, they will present the slide shows.

Sixth Grade
Sixth Grade will cover a variety of topics this month.  The class will work on fractions.  They will also explore Greece using the internet.  A poster will be created to illustrate their lessons on "Electricity and Magnitism".  Computer Ethics will be the last topic covered during the month of March.

Seventh Grade
A Samurai Warrior database is being created.  The class will be comparing the Samurai to the Modern Day Soldier.  Each group will also make Science Night project graphs.  Each student will create his own coat of arms using the drawing tools.  Their coat of arms will include a family motto, symbols and figures, and lines of partition.

Eighth Grade
The Eighth Grade will complete their Yosimite Trip Time Line during the first part of the month.  The class will then work on three types of graph examples.  Each student will create a circle graph, a bar graph, and a line graph.
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