steamengine Mr Davies
Campbell High School
Metal Technology and Design Assignment- Semester 2 2000

This assignment is due on 30th August

You may complete this assignment as either:

1) a word document saved onto a disk which you can hand to me on the due date.
2) a word document which is emailed to me
3) a word processed or handwritten piece of work which you can hand to me on the due date.

Expected length of this assignment: 4 to 6 pages.


History of Steam Power

1)What effect did steam power have on industry towards the end of the 18th century?

2)The most noticeable steam engines are in the form of steam trains. Describe some other types of steam engine and explain how they were used.

3) Explain how a simple steam engine works. You can use diagrams in your explanation.

Silver Soldering

1) Explain some of the safety precautions that are to be observed when silver soldering.

2) How is oxidisation prevented when silver soldering?

3) In your own words describe what should be done to make a successful silver soldered joint.


1) Explain the difference in cutting tools for brass and steel.
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