steeperlatin Magistra Steeper
South Aiken High School Latin teacher
Salvete, discipuli,

     Sunday, Oct. 1, 2000
Latin II--SECOND QUARTER PROJECCT= Become an expert on a god or goddess. Prepare a presentation with costume, mascots and/or attributes and gifts.  Be able to tell everything we ever wanted to know about your god or goddess.  You may do this with a partner as an interview, but each person will have to take a turn being a god.  May be partially presented on Power Point, but I must see you on screen. Due Oct. 27.

LATIN I--  Quiz on verb tenses--present, imperfect, and future= Friday, Oct. 6.

Everyone--We'll have our festa laeta on Oct.19.  Down load your recipe from the link so we can assign recipes on Monday.  Carpe diem!

                                    Valete,  Magistra
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