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Digging Up Dinosaurs

Digging Up Dinosaurs



Table of Contents:

Project Objectives

Ties to Curriculum Frameworks

Internet links, Data, Illustrations, and Images


Extensions and Home work assignments

References and related links




Project Objectives

This is a sixth grade science unit. It was established with two purposes in mind. The first is to create an internet unit that will enrich the ScottForesman Science unit, "Digging for Clues." The second is to establish a simple introduction to internet usage.

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Ties to the Curriculum Framework

This internet unit would fall within the Nebrtaska Science Frameworks. The Topic strand would be "Diversity" with the conceptual threads in the middle grade level of "Patterns of Change," "Systems & Interactions", and "Scale & Structure."

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Internet Links, data, Illustrations and Images



Nebraska fossils

Bird origins

All about dinos

Pictures of dinos

dino exhibit/Hawaii http://WWW/

kid constructed sight


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The worksheet will present a way of assessing the ability of the student to obtain information from the internet.

The individual project will allow the student to create a slideshow with their research. The slideshow will be evaluated for content and creativity.


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Extensions and Homework Assignments

Worksheet 1


Individual Project Described:


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References and Related links


The dinosaurs weren't alone (plants, animals, insects, etc.)

Where to dig.

Dinosaurs in cyberspace (references to other dinosaur sites)

Other resources:

1998 Grolier Encyclopedia

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