Garden of Praise Online instructor
Today you will be studying the biography of a famous person.
This person may inspire you to work harder, to be more honest, and to be kinder to those around you.

First read the story about the person. Some of the words in the stories have * after them. When you see the red asterisk you know you can find the definition of the word at the bottom of the page.

After reading the story look at some of the Links to learn more about the person you are researching.


You will find the following activities: study sheet, question sheet, multiple-choice test, crossword puzzle, word scramble, word match, and a word search you can print and work. You will also find a picture that relates to the story which you can print out and color.


There are online activities for the stories to help you learn about your famous person. These activities will help you remember the facts in the story. Look for the blue banner to find Quia games which are fun to play. There are also multiple-choice online tests. The computer will grade your test and let you know which questions you missed. You can only take a particular test one time a day. You may enjoy working online jigsaw puzzles , crossword puzzles, word searches, or scrambled word puzzles.


Each biography features a library of books about the famous person. Some of the books are complete and some show only selected pages.

(Click on the Back button to get back to the list of famous people.)

I hope you enjoy your online session today.

Mrs. Stevens
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