stewart Mrs. Stewart
Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School Honors English III Teacher
This page is designed for Honors English III students at Hunters Lane High School.  It is intended to keep students, enrolled in Mrs. Stewart's classes, informed about class activities, especially when they are absent from class.  For the week of March 13 - March 17, 2000, our class will be studying and/or completing the following:

Monday, Mar. 13: Novel test, Jubilee. Homework = Study notes and work on vocabulary for Friday."

Tuesday, Mar. 14: 1: Jubilee Revisited - Have students list five major characters from the novel, each with a one-sentence description of his/her most important function; 2) Scanning poetry - Kinds of metrical feet. Homework = Study notes on scansion

Wednesday, Mar. 15: 1)Practice scanning poetry; 2) Number of metrical feet with practice; 3)Whittier and his "Snowbound," pp 157 - 60. Discuss the poem's metrical feet and imagery.  Homework = Write an original poem/short story which gives vivid description of a non-action situation.

Thursday, Mar. 16: 1) Quiz, Scanning Poetry; 2) Students orally read their examples of poetry/fiction written similar to Whittier's "Snowbound.". Homework = Read and be able to discuss "The American Renaissance," pp 180-186 and complete vocabulary unit 3.

Friday, Mar. 17: 1) Voc Lesson 3.  2) Worksheet - "The American Renaissance." Homework = Read "Two Idealists," pp 187-9.  Voc. 4 due next Friday.
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