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Guam South Elementary/Middle School Language Arts 8th / AVID / Room C-308
Effective immediately, please refer to a new webpage for my class.  Go to and enter 96538 for the code. Thanks.

Please refer to this page for homework assignments, projects, and anything else that is important in our class this year!!!!

**Pink progress reports will be sent home on Fridays for any student missing at least one (1) assignment.  The student has the opportunity to make up the work missed (if the absence is excused) in the time allotted as specified in the handbook.  Parent(s)/Guardians are asked to sign the form and return, via the student, to me at the very next class meeting.

**Vocabulary Tests are given on Fridays.  The students are given the 20 words a week ahead of time.  They are required to write each word 5X in cursive.  They will be given a grade for this.  Cursives are due by Wednesday, for the classes I meet on Monday & Wednesday; and on Thursday, for the classes I meet on Tuesday & Thursday.  Students are responsible for defining the words themselves.

**All notetaking in all my classes will utilize the Cornell Notes style of notetaking.  All students have been taught this method, and I will expect them to follow this format.  Cornell Notes are the method of notetaking that all the middle school students will be using at Guam South Middle.

**My class page will be updated at the end of each week.

Tuesday,October 31st--Happy Halloween!!!
New Book Report Project:

Due:  Friday, November 3, 2000
Choose one author:  1.  Jerry Spinelli  2. Ann McGovern
                   3.  Madeleine L'Engle

After choosing one author, the students need to read a book by that author.  After reading, students will write a report--using notes they took from the video and the book they've chosen to read.  
Requirements of Book Report:  1.  minimum 1200 words
2.  typed    3.  double-spaced    4.  12" font   5. Times New Roman.

Monday/Tuesday Classes (10/16 & 10/17)

Read Aloud, "The Inn of Lost Time," page 90

Use Cornell Notes for the vocabulary words:
compensate      implication       traumatic
decrepit        inconsistency     reluctant
delusion        poignant          remit
desolate        qualm             tantalizing
gilded          rapt              unwary

Assignment: Due at the end of the period/ Skillbuilder.

Wednesday (10/18), Thursday (10/19), Friday (10/20)
1/2 days:  Students leave at 11:30 a.m.

All classes will be taking video notes on the three authors they will use for their book report.  Videos are 22 minutes each, and the classes will be 22 minutes each.
Monday, 10/23 & Tuesday, 10/24

Language Arts:

1.  Selection Test:  "Inn of Lost Time" today.

2.  Grammar Worksheet:  Discuss and begin in class...
   a.  Common and Proper Nouns
   b.  Concrete, Abstract, & Collective Nouns

   * we will grade the worksheet on Wednesday/Thursday


1.  Continue reading, "Animal Farm," orally.  

2.  Assignment packet given out--to Chapter 5.  Packet will
   be completed by Wednesday, 10/25--grade in class.

Wednesday, 10/25 & Thursday, 10/26

Language Arts:

1.  1st 45 minutes of class--class will take the Nelson
   Reading Test / Level C.

2.  We will grade Common / Proper Nouns & Concrete,Abstract,
   and Collective Nouns Worksheet

3.  Homework:  Singular & Plural Nouns Worksheet. We will
   grade on Friday, 10/27.


**  Grade Chapter 1-5 packet.  Continue reading, "Animal
   Farm," beginning on page 114-Chapter IX. Should finish     the book today.
**  Homework:  Assignment Packet II Chapters 6-10, due Friday,10/27/00

Friday, 10/27/00

**Half-day...students released at 11:30.

Language Arts:

1.  Grade Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheet
2.  Vocabulary List #1 given today.  Cursive #1 due by or
   before Thursday, 11/2/00.

    background   half-back   network   scoreboard  
    roommate     videotape   elsewhere  otherwise
    whoever      anyone      two-thirds  forty-eight
    audio-visual  left-handed   brothers-in-law
    they're      who's      haven't     weren't   should've

    ** Test:  Friday, November 3rd.


Collect Assignment Packet #II, Chapters 6-10.
Activity Sheet #2 will be given as homework for the weekend.

____________________________________________________________Monday, 10/30/00  Tuesday, 10/31/00

Reading Class:

Collect Activity Sheet #2.  Workshop:  class will work on Activity Sheets 5, 11, & 12.  To be due Wednesday, 11/1/00.

Language Arts:

Read aloud, Collecting Team. pages 109-119
Write Words to Know Cornell Notes style in notebook.
blithe     futile     preliminaries     bonanza    
hodgepodge     preposterous     ecologically     nebulous
repress     sabotaged     zoology*(know the branches)

Homework:  Skillbuilder:  due Wednesday/Thursday

Wednesday, 11/1/00   Thursday, 11/2/00

Reading Class:

Collect Activity Sheets 5, 11, & 12
Grade in Class

Language Arts:

Selection Test:  Collecting Team

We will grade skillbuilder today, also.

Grammar: We will grade Possessive Nouns/Appositive Worksheet

Assignment:  Verbs, Verb Phrases, & Verb Tenses
This will be due Friday, 11/3/00.

Friday, 11/3/00

Reading Class:

Activity Sheet #14

Language Arts:

1.  Vocabulary Test #1

2.  Book report projects due today.

3.  Collect Verb/Verb Phrases/Verb Tenses Worksheet

4.  Receive new vocabulary list #2 today.

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