stink3 Mr. Weston
Hawthorne Elementary School  
Wow! Are we getting good at testing. The more we practice our testing skills the better we get. Remember if we practice daily we will improve our scores. Every time you take the quiz you will learn more. Keep up the good work!

Directions: Please move down the page to Useful Links. The links are numbered 1-8. Please single click on the first link that is highlighted in blue. Log in by typing your first name in the space called STUDENT NAME and then single click on the START QUIZ button. When you finish the questions a DONE button will show up. Please single click it once to send your scores to me.

Next go to the back arrow key at the top of the page. The arrow is located just below the word file. Please back up until you land on our class page. Now you are ready to do the next quiz.

Do it again. Good Luck!

Thank you,
Mr. Weston
Useful links
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