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~Stinker Town news~

1/29/30:Stinker town

Residents of Stinker Town Harbor have fled for the nearest heaven (hey-ven. hotel) Because a giant squid is slumping into land! Will Stinker Town survive this?! Will you?! Why am i shouting!?

Residents of Wackystink Hotel are no longer vistiting! Why? Because a giant rat lives in the bastment? Because Armadillos live in the cheese? Or both? Whatever the cause, pretty soon, that unfortuanate hotel will close!

(What a stupid article!)

Good (and weird) news, readers! Three people have just moved into Stinkertown online quia! Their names are Rsi, Mje and Hln, and whoa are they weird!\


Oh, no! How horrible! a house in Weare is just begun to turn PINK! Soon the whole town will be Shloped in PINK!
RUN!!!! AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! *glub* * glub*


OH HORRORS! Many people are screeching at the famous HLN the pathetic!!!!!!! (wouldn't anyone?!)


Help! Aliens are invading HLN's room! EEEKKK! Oops! Sorry. Just a lion. It ate my sister.

34/4343/43434 3:00

This is Mje reporting at Jemima's back yard in the sumac tree underbrush.
The expert wizard who was and still is, chasing her with his magic.
Jemima would you like to say anything?

"Huh? oh, yeah.Sure. So that wizard guy is chasing me and trying to (like most bad idiots do) drain my magic into a spell that holds it"

Yes but we already knew THAT.Could you fill us in?

"uh, sure.So why this dumb news reporter is here is because-"


"sorry! Now where was I ? Oh, yeah. So why she's here is because that expert wizard is contacting me mind-to-mind and he wants a fight, so I have to train my friend Helen in her magic so she can do complicated magic with me, not to mention I also have to train myself."

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