stmarkslab Mrs. Thurston
St. Mark's Episcopal School Computer Lab Instructor

Middle School Class Schedule:
          11:00 5th  Ms. Fink        
          5th period- 7th Mr. Hays
         6th period- 6th
         7th period- 8th Ms.Lott
Tuesday   11:00 5th  Ms. Niebch        
          5th period- 7th Ms. Ehinger
          6th period- 6th
         7th period- 8th Mr. Masterson
          11:00 5th  Ms. Spooner           
Goals of this year
To integrate the computer into your schoolwork
To learn how to use a word processor, spreadsheet, and     presentation program
To meet technology skills for your grade level
To investigate new learning resources by accessing the web

Computer Lab Rules

All students have a right to learn, therefore, students will listen during instruction time, but they may speak in an appropriate tone of voice when the teacher has completed the instruction.

Respect the Rights of Others:
Keep your hands,feet,and objects to yourself
Stay seated, unless given permission to leave computer
Use appropriate language
My Quia activities and quizzes
Basic Computer Systems: session computer quiz #1
Check out your computer knowledge
Office 2000 Pretest: session office 2000 pretest
Office 2000 No Problem !
Office 2000 Quiz
Office Quiz
Basic Computer Systems: session basic computer check
check up
Brainpop Elections: session brainpop electorial review
Electorial Movie Test
Brainpop Elections
Electorial movie quiz
Useful links
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