stmarkslab6b Mrs. Thurston
St. Mark's Episcopal School Computer Lab Instructor

Wednesday Grade 6  Computer Class 1:42 – 2:30
Week of May 22,2002Always check email from Mrs. Thurston Save attachments to document folder. Close out of Outlook. ASTRONOMY
Please open the attachment Solar System Collision. Go to the website and complete the form. Then ...
I have sent you a list of web sites that need to be previewed before a teacher can use them in class. Often a school will have a review committee whose job it is to look at the site, use the site, then write a review. A web site review can be simple or complex. A complex review requires a 3-page list of attributes (qualities) that the site should display. A simple review is a paragraph that contains what the site does, how well it does it, and the reviewer’s opinion of the page and why. Word.
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