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Stock Market Project                                            updated Feb 27, 2001

If you Original sheet is completed-open Excel and go to the tab on the bottom that corresponds to the WEEK we are working in-Week # will be posted on the classroom board. 

You can then go to the 2nd link listed below which will put you at the Yahoo!Finance page where you can enter your stock ticker to get today's quote for each of your stocks. 

Put the stock quote in proper cell in the Week1 sheet, or Week2 sheet, etc. depending on the week!
A.  The 1st link below will take you to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and at the Alphabet tab (click), you will get an alphabetical list of companies traded on the stock exchange.

B.  Excel spreadsheets will be filled in with the stock information.

1.  Open Excel (Ctrl+esc, "2" - this is for 2.Excel)
2.  Open the file "2-yourlastname stock market worksheet.xls"
          Press Alt+F (for File)
          Press O (for Open)
          Use keys  Alt+I (for Look in)
          Press key U for "Users on sspplab Y"
          Press the key for your grade (i.e. 7 for 7th grade)
          Press the First Letter of your Last Name (your personal folder)
          Select the Excel file for the stockmarket (you can use the arrow keys)
5.  Fill in the information in the proper cells.
          We have gone over this in class.  Ask questions in class.
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