Hunt for The Stock Market

Hunt for The Stock Market
an Internet Treasure Hunt on Stock Market

created by mboak
Memorial Parkway Jr. High

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Congratulations!!! You have just inherited $10,000.00, but sadly, you can't have it until you turn twenty-one. In the meantime, though, you are given the opportunity to invest your money in the stock market. What do I know about the stock market, you ask? I'm only 13 years old!! Well, you have 7-8 years to find out so let's get started.

This is not like a hunt you have done before. The links you have been provided let you investigate different webites which give stock names or price or history. Instead of answering questions about these websites, use them to begin to choose stocks to set up your portfolio. Step One then is to choose stocks which you feel will go up in value. You must choose five stocks. First decide the names of your stocks, its symbol, and the price for each stock. Remember the price of the stock times the number of stocks you buy must be equal to or a small amount less than your $10,000.00. Good luck and happy choosing!!!


The Internet Resources

The Big Question

Now use the Search button to do a report on each one of the companies you have chosen. You need to find out information such as where the company is located, who is the CEO (chief executive officer), how many employees, annual earnings for the past five years, how long in business, etc. This needs to be a detailed report!!!

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