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Welcome to the assignments page of the AP US History Cyber Gulag!

The purpose of the online assignment is to give you a deeper understanding of an important topic or era in American History. Themes will change from year to year, but all assignments within a given year are part of a greater theme.

1. Read the theme and enumerated assignments. Then click on a link that takes you to an internet resource and start. It's that simple.

2. Your assignment due dates are listed below and on the Spring syllabus. No late work will be accepted, but you may turn it in any time before the published date.

3. Assignments must be typewritten, and text double-spaced.

4. There will be no class time given for the completion of this assignment.

5. While I have given starting points for research, don't feel constrained to use these sources. But be careful: there's a lot of trash out there!

6. Please use internal citations, quotes, etc. DON"T PLAGIARIZE

7. All three assignments will be graded together as a SINGLE PROJECT, and will count as a double test grade.

8. Have Fun!

This year's theme: Watergate: What did he know and when did he know it?

Your assignment:

1. Short essay: Liddy vs. Dean: Who's the hero? The rat? Why? (Due Monday April 3, 2000) Should be 2-3 pages in length, typed, double-spaced.

2. Either Construct a timeline which chronicles the major Watergate events from break-in through resignation. This is a visual timeline, not just a chronological listing of dates!
Conduct a survey of ten adults. Compile a summary of results to the following question: What effect did Watergate have on the last 25 years of American politics?
(Due Monday, April 10, 2000) Turn in the raw survey data as well as your analytical summary.

3. Short essay: Who was ultimately responsible for the Watergate scandal? What was his/her motivation? (Due Monday, April 17, 2000) Should be 2-3 pages in length, typed, double-spaced.

Hint: Don't forget the thesis!
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