Monterey Institute of International Studies P&P TOEFL Prep Instructor
Here is the final student-generated TOEFL Practice test!

There are 2 things you must have in order to take this test:
1) The Listening Comprehension Cassette Tape
2) A timer or watch or visible clock

Reminder, this test is TIMED.
Instructions                                        10 min.
Section 1 (Part A, B, & C)             approx. 30 min.
Section 2 (Structure & Written Expression)     25 min.
Section 3 (Reading Comprehension 3 passages)   35 min.

                           TOTAL  (1hr, 40 min.) 100 min.

Educational Testing Services. TOEFL Handbook (1999).
  ETS: Princeton, NJ.
Sullivan, P.N, and Zhong, G.Y.Q. ARCO: Preparation for the
  TOEFL, 7th Edition (1995). Macmillian: New York, NY.

Materials & Resources provided by:
MIIS ESL Spring II 2000 TOEFL Prep students
Jeffery "Mack" Elliston
My Quia activities and quizzes
Listening Comprehension Part A: session listening comprehension part a
Short Conversations
Listening Comprehension Part B: session listening comprehension part b
Longer Conversations
Listening Comprehension Part C: session listening comprehension part c
Talks or Lectures
Structure 4: session mock structure 4
Written Expression 4: session mock written expression 4
Reading Comprehension 4.1: session mock reading comprehension 4.1
mock reading comprehension 4.2
mock reading comprehension 4.3
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