North Reading High School Health and Physical Education Instructor

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The health program has been designed to develop and emphasize the core concepts stated within the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The core concepts are divided into health liteacy, healthy self-management skills, and health promotions. This course sets the foundation to begin gaining the knowledge it takes to be a health-conscious member of society. From this course you will:

1.Learn the basic structure and functon of the human body

2.Learn the basics about personal fitness

3.Learn the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco

4.Be able to classify drugs into categories, recognizing the harmful effects of each

5.Be able to research health issues or concerns on their own, and report them to class

6.Realize and understand what it means to be socially and emotionally healthy.

This includes the following topics:

-self-discovery, self-esteem,conflict resolution, dating, personal responsibilities, and time management


Click on the link below. Print and Give the letter to your parents or legal guardians. If your parents DO NOT want you to participate in the sex education program, you must return it to the principal.


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