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Introduction to German for Business and Other Professions Through the Internet

German 216

Prof. Strehl

Level 200, prerequisite 210 or 211, or consent of instructor
Content Readings in this class are in German, discussions will be in German. Grammar review and writing assignments that are based on the readings
Goal Development of basic language, cultural, and Internet skills for functioning in the professional world in German-speaking countries
All Materials are accessed via the computer.
Students will:
practice reading authentic materials
discuss current cultural materials
practice writing/Grammar review with the QUELLE writing program
learning about usage of the WWW
learn how to make a German PowerPoint presentation
Grading Class participation 15%
Essays 15%
Homework/preparation 15%
Midterm 20%
PowerPoint Presentation 20%
Final Project 15%
Technology This class will employ computers to use the WWW as the main source for the cultural reading materials. The writing tasks will also be done with the help of a computer program. The program we will use is called “Quelle,” it has all the functions of a dictionary, grammar book and topical references. It is available in the MIMMS foreign language lab or you may purchase your own copy for about $50.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Einführung
Introduction to WWW and course materials/ structure/ exams/ projects
Introduction to the WWW - Lab Gambrell
Training on “Quelle” - MIMMS Foreign Language Lab

Week 2: Geographie
Die Deutschen Bundesländer WS 4
Useful links
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