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Bonne Rentree!  Welcome Back!

At this site I'm posting ALL of the availible activities.  You can do any of them that seem appropriate to you.  If you want help specific to the lecon or unite that we're working on go to your class' page. 

Bonne Chance!

Madame Stromberg
My Quia activities and quizzes
Irregular Verb Conjugation -ETRE
Les Pays et Leurs Villes Principales
Prelude Vocabulaire Les Chiffres
Prelude Vocabulaire la date le temps
Prelude vocabulaire Pleasantries
Verb Conjugation Regular -er Verbs Parler
Conjugation of Irregular Verbs AVOIR
Irregular Verb Congation -ALLER
avoir expressions
possesive Adjectives
Pays et nationalites
Prelude Vocabulaire la date le temps
Prelude Vocabulaire Les Chiffres
Reprise Unit Test Review
Unite 4 Lecon 1 Vocabulaire
Unite 4 Lecon 2 Vocabulaire
Unite 4 Lecon 3 Vocabulaire
Unite 4 Lecon 4
Unite 4 Lecon 5 Vocabulaire
Unite 4 Verbs
Verb Conjugation regular -ir verbs
Unite 5 Lecon 1
Français deuxième année, Unité 2 Leçons 1,2 et 3
As-tu raison?
les jours de la semaine
Reprise Unit Test Review
This is basically what we've covered this year. EASY!
Review of First-Year Course
Easier than it sounds, this is basically what your final will include.
Unité 6 Leçon 1
Unite 6, lecon 2 vocab
Unite 6 Lecon 2 Body Parts
body parts
Le Passé Composé
Past Participles
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