strongarm Mrs. Armstrong
Lone Peak Elementary Second Grade
Welcome  This is my first experience with this and I hope to bridge the communications gap between school and home.  Please check daily for assignments.

Tonight your child is assigned to read to you The Tuesday Club, pages 10-13, in the pink reader SHARE A SMILE.  Please sign the bookmark for your child to receive credit for Independent Reading.  All Second Graders are required to read 20 minutes five time each week, or 100 minutes per week. The Weekly Progress Bookmark is sent home each Monday and covers a period of Monday through Sunday; record each night read and sign and returned each Monday.

Check comprehension by asking question.  As time permits, discuss the questions at the end of the story. 

Write the words your child is having difficulty pronouncing. 

Spelling/Vocabulary words for this week are commotion imagination expression suddenly monsters
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