Township of Ocean Intermediate School Computer ApplicatIons
Here are some student-made games based upon computers and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Please Note:  Some games were copied from other Quia subscribers with permission from Quia.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Keyboard Controls: Student Made
Computer Input and Output Devices
Microsoft Battleship Student Made
Computer and Internet Terminology
Microsoft Icon Hangman Student Made
Keyboard Shortcuts: Student-Made (Hangman)
Technology Hangman
Formatting a Report: Student Made
Anatomy of the Computer Study Guides
Computer Glossary I - (copy)
Computer Applications Vocabulary Review: Student Made
Computer Hardware
Computer Vocabulary Practice Game
Electronic Mail
Review: Student Made Matching
Keyboard Connections: Student Made
Powerful PowerPoint
Match the Parts of the Word Window
Shortcut Match-up: Student Made
What Do These Excel Buttons Do?
Computer Vocabulary Game
Mrs. Yoda's Class Rules
Unscrambling words Student made
Formatting Reports Student-Made
Computer Related Terms
Editing your Work - formally the Noose
Formatting Reports, Proofreaders' Marks, and Shortcuts
Formatting Reports and MS Basics
Proofreaders' Marks and Shortcuts - Student Made
Computer Shortcuts
Computer Vocabulary
Computer Terms and Keyboard Shortcuts
Report Practrice
Rags to Riches
Word Find
Shortcuts on the Computer
Keyboard Sortcuts
Computer Related Terms and Shortcuts
Formatting Reports
Hangman Computer Shortcuts and More
Keyboard Shortcuts & Vocabulary!!!!!!
Microsoft Icon Jumbled Words
Computer Term Hangman
Keyboard Shortcuts
MS Word Search
Working with Presentations
Jeopardy on Power point
PowerPoint + Spreadsheet Challenge Board
Excel Spreadsheets Review game
Excel Vocabulary
Excel Review Questions
Excel Spreadsheet
Hangman: stuff in the computer class
Formatting A Report Student Made
Proofreaders' marks
Computer and Internet Terminology
Hangman Full of Shortcuts
Computer Terms
Battleship; Microsoft Word Shortcuts
Shortcut Keys
Internet Safety Hangman!!
Formatting One Page Reports
Formatting Reports Unit 4 Quiz Preperation Word Search
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts Used in Formatting a Report
Keyboard Shortcuts
Formatting Reports (A Great Game of) HANGMAN!!!
Format a one-page report
Power Point Hangman
Power point
Computer Technology and Programs
Power Point Rules
Mrs. Yodas class rules.
Computer Words
Overall Vocabulary
Computer Applications Hangman! :)
Computer Hangman
The Worlds Best Computer Game!!!
MS Word Commonly Used Buttons
Computer App. Hangman
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