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Cambridgeport School Team Leader: Technology Grant
  Cambridgeport School:  Grades 5/6 Year-Long Study

How is the city of Cambridge the same as and different from the ancient cities you have studied throughout the school year?  What resources and strategies can you call upon to discover the answer to this broad question?  How will you organize the results of your study for your audience--other students, teachers, family, and the wider community?  

Some of those tools and strategies are already imbedded in the study.  To organize the data and information you will uncover, students will use a computer application program, "Inspiration", to create outlines and webs based on their research.  

Teachers will help students to narrow their sources by creating a "Web Quest", web site links on this home page to a variety of web site resources on the internet previously screened by teachers for quality of information.  

Students will learn to use an Email program, "First Class", to query a variety of sources and communicate with their team members.  

And finally, using "Powerpoint", a presentation software application program, students will create computer-based slide shows, including narration, photos, and citing of references and resources.  The presentation might be posted to the city of Cambridge, "Virtual Tour", to the Cambridgeport School Home Page, Linked to "Classroom Connect" for students and teachers across the country to view. In addition, a video tape of the study will be created by students.
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