studytips Stephanie
Teach my brother and neighbors student
The best way to study is to use your notes. Also look through your book and see what main things are highlited. If you study a week abhead of time then you will do well.

When studing, sit in a quite place. You want it to be well lighted and at nhe same time comfortable. You want to inform your family that you are studing and tell them you need time. Have a timer and set it fro 45 minutes. Study only one subject in that amount of time. Then take a 10 minute break. Go back and set your timer for 15 minutes and review the stuff you just studied. Do this for each thing you need to study.

Best way to study is at your own pace. don't rush just to get it done. Also,don't study the day before. Take a week to study one subject.

Next time you have take a test or quiz, remember thisan yo ushould do well. Any questions e-mail me at For the subject  type in study help. Thank you!
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