succeeding Mrs.Frmamil
West hill How to succeed if u know wat i mean
                  The way to succeed with sex (girls)

1.dye u'r hair blonde
2.if u do where glasses where contacts
3.get a bikini wax (must do)
4.go easy
5.breast implants (if needed)
6.where slip on slip off clothes
7.always answer the phone in a hot voice
8.act like u r a true blonde the walk(strut u'r stuff)
10.practice makes perfect

                 How to succeed with sex (guys)

1.make sure it's always up
2.always tell her she's good
3.not into it yet? (condom)
4.make sure she's enjoying it(if not new position)
5.make sure u show her u r enthusiastic (scream)
6.make sure ur not to hard on her interruptions in a good habitat flexible
10.No matter wat always remember a penis inlarger

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