suecrouch Mrs. Crouch
Plum Creek Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher
Our class is having an "Eggs-tra-ordinary Eggs-perience" with the life cycle of an egg.

Do 'Eggs' "Eggs-ist"?

"Eggs-actly" how would you describe an egg? 
What are the properties of an egg shell?
"Eggs-actly" which mother goes with which egg?

Using a triple-beam balance, rank your "Eggs-amples" of six eggs in an order of least to greatest number of grams.

By looking at the eggs, can you hypothesize about the size of the mother?

CAREFUL! CAREFUL!  Find the circumference of each individual egg in each nest.  Be "Eggs-act"!

Write an "Eggs-ample" of an exciting, brain scrambling, narrative about "Shy Sheldon The Lonely Egg".

The "Main Idea" of this lesson is to "Eggs-perience" math, writing, science and internet research in an Egg Shell!

                GET "Egg-cited!"
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