summer2001trip Westside Summer 2001 Trip
Westside High School  
Well, we are on our way!

See the first link below for a preview of the trip. The other links contain photo galleries and general information about some of the places that we are going. This site is updated continuously, so check back for more information.

Tentative departure date: 6/4/01

Our trip planning meeting will be held in April; the actual date will be posted soon.

To e-mail Mrs. Shomaker, click here.

Click on the picture of the Sistine Chapel to see the Yahoo! travel guide for Italy!

Click on the picture of Lake Maggiore on the border of Switzerland and Italy to see the Yahoo! travel guide for Switzerland!

To see a short bio on Mrs. Shomaker please click on her lovely photo. (Apologies to Andie MacDowell.)

To plan for your trip, see Mrs. Shomaker's Travel Planning Page.
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