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Here is some school information for the weeks of May 20th-June 15th, 2001

Sunday, May 20th- POPS CONCERT - 230 PM. 5th, 6th, JR High, HS Bands.

Thursday, May 24th- 5th grade band concert - 700 PM. Middle School Gym.

Monday, May 28th- NO SCHOOL. MEMORIAL DAY!!

Friday, June 1st- 8th Grade lock-in.

Wednesday, June 6th - MIDDLE SCHOOL AWARDS DAY! 1232 - 7th grade, 123 - 8th grade. 214 - 6th grade.

Monday, June 11th - School Board elections & technology millage renewal vote.

Wednesday, June 13th- Last day for morning readiness kindergarten.

Thursday, June 14th - Half day of school.
Afternoon Regular & Readiness Kindergarten will attend n the morning (last day for afternoon readiness kindergarten)

K-5 * Classes begin at 800 am.
K-5 * Dismissal at 1220 pm.
Middle School Semester Exams
6-8 * classes begin at 810 am.
6-8 * dismissal at 1220 pm

Friday, June 15th- HALF DAY OF SCHOOL
K-5 * classes begin at 800 am
1-5 * dismissal at 1220 pm.
Kindergarten graduation 845 am. Middle School gym.
All regular kinderegarten classes attend graduation. Children are dismissed after the ceremony.

Middle School semester exams
6-8 * classes begin at 800 am
6-8 * dismissal at 1220 pm.

Middle School report cards may be picked up at the middle school office Wednesday, June 20th-Friday, June 29th. Those remaining will be mailed.

Summer Vacation begins!
See you August 27th (in high school i hope!!!)
Have a safe summer!

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